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  • 1Colonial Life Short Term Disability Insurance Question?

    I am almost 38 weeks pregnant and has a short-term disability policy back in March. I got pregnant in September, but I had no idea about the disability insurance short term, at that time. So I have not had a policy until March. M is the question , does anyone know if they will see my pregnancy as a preexisting condition colonial Anyone else use for this same purpose , accept it, even get the policy and after pregnancy ?

  • 2Short term disability insurance question...?

    I know it may be a bit late but I am wondering if there are any companies that you can apply for a short term disability plan AFTER sustaining an injury. We have always had STDI however when our company switched to a new payroll company this year our request did not go through for the STDI but did for all other elections. I didn't even notice until now when we need it as my husband broke his heel and they are saying he is going to have to be out of work for 8-10 weeks. Not good in any situation but I am also 8 months pregnant so it makes matters worse. Any suggestions/advise would be helpful! Thanks.

  • 3Short term disability question? please help?

    I'm four and half months pregnant with twins, my pregnancy considered high risk pregnancy ! As for my job requires heavy lifting as I am a broker server / food so could not make it , my work put me ina leave of absence without my permission, I said that you can apply for STDs and I understand it, I did apply and was waiting for the last two weeks , I have a call today saying that my policy was approved and will end on October 27 , so basically my policy is only 6 weeks, I am by about February or before that date . As for the double word not normally stay .. my case manager said she'll be in touch with me and if things do not change what is going to extend. ! ! ? ? Things will not change , even after giving birth. I asked about the short-term disability , and she said that after my arrival policy that could apply for it. I wonder why only gave me 6 weeks? and how it will work since I'm not due yet?

  • 4Short Term Disability Question?

    I have a Doctor's note that needs me to not lift weights heavier than 15 lbs for a period of 5 weeks. Human Resources has approved the doctor's note and says I have to be on Short Term Disability because my job description (patient care) requires me to lift 50 lbs. However, my department head is thinking about putting me in a different role for those 5 weeks (desk job filing papers). My questions are: a) Can I choose short term disability over the desk job or is that up to my department head? b) How is it legally allowed to keep me in the office and pay me a lower wage just to avoid paying me short term disability? c) What if the desk job pays me even less than I would have gotten for short term disabiltiy payments.

  • 5Question regarding Short term disability?

    I am soooo stressed at work and feel like I need a break from the routine. I also is going on with other things around the house that make me depressed and not able to function and be productive at work. So what kind of doctor do I have to do to request time off from work. How I can call on the doctor and what if I say no ? I've never done this before, but I need a break from that job!

  • 6Question about short term disability?

    Not sure if this is where I should post this question but I am hoping someone can answer. I'm also hoping to explain this properly ! I work for a small nursery where there is no vacation time or maternity leave. The offer insurance , but is very expensive, so I'm sure plan on my husband. I recently found out I'm pregnant and I have to use short-term disability to cover my 6 weeks off work when they give birth . My doctor will write a note saying I can not work . Although it affects my job, so submit to insurance my husband and he is referring to me? Or has something to do with my business? How I can get maternity leave if I am on your insurance ? I hope someone can help me!

  • 7Question about short term disability?

    A co-worker of mine was on short term disabilty for about 15 weeks last year on and off. She just applied for it again. It seems to me like she is abusing it (longer story), but my question is - Is there a limit to how much short term you can take? I believe our policy is if you miss 10 consecutive days you qualify, but is there a limit to how long you can be out at one time? Also, who approves this? would it be my work or health insurance? It just seems a strange that she keeps getting approved (all for different reasons each time she applies).

  • 8Question on short term disability?

    -On short term disability what amount of a person's paycheck does one receive? -I know someone who owes the insurance company that they receive short term disability from. How did this happen?

  • 9Please help! question about my CA SDI (short term disability)?

    Hi im 39 weeks pregnant and live in california. i am eligible for sdi. I recieved a notice saying they were paying me out 85.71 (my weekly benefit amount) My 1st question:: will i get paid every week or every two weeks? My 2nd question:: if i get paid every two weeks will they only pay me 85.71 or DOUBLE that (171.42) since its my WEEKLY benefit amount and their only paying me every two weeks. Any advice would help thank you!

  • 10Short Term Disability question?

    My last day of work was January of other health problems , after 10 days of my company makes me sick leave , and then on February 12 my doctor put me on medical leave and asked to apply for short term disability , I did, I sent paperwork filled out and was good enough for them , who referred me to a specialist who left April 30 as the day I could work but my first docotor had put that . Now my employer wants to know the difference from January 1 to February 12 , but I was off work due to medical condition put me on disability for , was completely diffierent health issue . Does anyone out there know what difference it makes when I saw the doctor? They will not refund my money since the day I submitted my claim , so now I'm being told to appeal . Do I have a chance to win ?

  • 11Yes hi I got A question if somebody can please help me out with? I was on short term Disability, under my?

    doctor's care? Now iam gonna return to work next week with some restrictions the Doc. wrote on my release form to go back to work. My question is what happens if I job require's, me to bend, lift stuff like that what happens? I live in California and its A at will state can I get terminated? Thanks.

  • 12Short term disability question.?

    my mom is applied for short term disability with prudential on november 3rd, 2010. the thing is, she quit on the day before that... she has already been denied once but only because the information they got from her doctors was wrong. we appealed it and they got new information and the information states she has a disability and she's unable to work. my question is, is she still eligible for it even though she quit her job? she worked and paid into it for 23 years.