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How would obamacare affect the working poor? related questions

  • 1How would obamacare affect the working poor?

    We live paycheck to paycheck,no medicaid or food stamps.Does this mean we have to buy insurance,if we do there will be no money for food.Thanks so much.

  • 2Isn't Obamacare a huge tax on the working poor?

    This tax is a direct attack on the working poor who will have to choose a health penalty or taxes instead of feeding their families or their families provide a home. Under this new tax that have not yet care. It may well lead to millions of poor workers declaring criminals because they can not pay the tax that the government insists on paying . This has to be the saddest day of my life and I can not stop thinking about how it will impact children who are hungry and homeless as a result. I can not even imagine the parents who have to make these kinds of decisions that cause their families to suffer . Why would anyone think that the insurance companies need this money more than families with problems that now face jail and their children being taken away simply because they are poor . May the Lord have mercy on America .

  • 3Why do you hate the working poor?

    And by " you " I mean the federal politicians . You inflate the currency . Milk is over $ 3 a gallon . To own land , I have to go into debt for thirty years. Runs the cost of gasoline , to the point that eats a third of my budget . I can not pay $ 30,000 for a go-cart . I can not afford the car of sixteen I have now. You grant amnesty to my biggest competition in the labor market , illegal aliens . I taxes and give the money to third world dictators , revolving around and bad mouth me and my country . I taxed , and give that money to broodmares , which is the only job in life is to vote for ... you . And download more babies . I taxes , and pay someone to put the shrimp on treadmills . You tax me , and put armies across Europe , Asia , Africa .... OK , all continents . And for what ? You enact health care reform , to cut my hours to less than 25 a week . And I'm still uninsured . I tax on the strain relief only I can afford , alcohol and snuff. And then tell me its for my own good . You tax me, if I can buy health insurance , or tax me if they do not buy health insurance . You have taken over the education of my children . And then not to educate them. ( 17th in the world . Decrease of 14 . ) But the only solution I have , I am more taxes ? Why do you hate the working poor ?

  • 4So GOP have you ever put yourself in the shoes of the middle class and the working poor?

    Let's say all your life that you paid for flood insurance , then your house was flooded due to a hurricane . The next day , when it came time to the insurance company to pay it declared bankruptcy . How do you feel about it ? Now let's say you were forced to buy flood insurance through a government mandate. How fracked up to be? Now you understand how the middle class feels about Medicare and Social Security . No excuses now . If it gradually to give people an option to choose Ron Paul as planned , then that's different. Instead of the system to go on your own. People can then use the extra money to find an alternative to social security and Medicare . Do not make people pay for something that used to war and then cut them when needed. That is what is known as " theft " .

  • 5Working part-time and studying - my income is very poor?

    Hi all . So before I started doing my diploma Access to nursing home, I was working my butt off day, evening and night to earn a living . l was not getting any time to myself or others . I started my Diploma and I 'm hoping to go to college in 2014 , but l just got paid and I 'm literally about to pay the rent ( which is also up in March ! ) , My car insurance , and food and other costs including my student finance for my Diploma . l Now I'm nothing at all until the next payday . I had to borrow money from my dad because I 'm broke and I 'm very worried. I've looked Housing Benefit and it seems I will help, but if I have the right not to know. I live in an apartment ? ls worth talking to job seekers about it? I do not complain but I also do not want to work as much as I used to the point where I was endangering my studies and career.

  • 6How do you feel about the working poor (US citizens with jobs and nothing to show for it)?

    See you on the bus , the white people who clean gutters , picking up trash on highways , move furniture , dishes , etc. who earn enough to live in a dive, buy a bus pass and buy food at the store 99 Cent. What do you think of them ? I was always taught that the poor are well b / c they are lazy , but I've met a lot of work , while the poor living in both Las Vegas and Phoenix , not lazy , they work for a living , earning only enough to be disqualified from receiving state aid in relation to health insurance and can not buy insurance on the private market , as it is beyond your price range ..... what to do with them ? Is it easier to sleep at night thinking that the poor are all well b / c of the drug , laziness and choice?

  • 7How will the new tax affect the elderly who are too poor to pay income tax but have enough to pay insurance?

  • 8How Does Obamacare Help The Poor?

    The poor in my state (MO) are the only people who CAN afford a trip to the ER. They all have medicaid. It's middle class people like me who limp along without a Dr. visits because I can't afford it.... and I have insurance (such that it is). Why do I have a $1500 copay for an MRI while Jobless Johnny gets the royal treatment without spending a dime?

  • 9Do you know that 30 million working poor will be able to get health insurance under the affordable care act?

    But only if the law stands.

  • 10Republicans, what would you have done about the millions of Working Poor who cannot afford health insurance?

    Republicans , what would you have done about the millions of working poor who can not afford health insurance ?

  • 11Why do we need Obamacare when the poor have Medicaid?

    Is not that basically Medicaid health care free for the poor ? What is the purpose of Obamacare if the poor are covered by Medicaid ? Second, why not just expand Medicare so people can buy inexpensive health care ? Obamacare does nothing to lower prices , and is a huge burden on the middle class people who already have health insurance , Third, know Obamacare is trying to quit freeloading , but we should not let people die if they refuse to receive health care , especially Americans who can afford health care . And these people should not have the option of government health care , the quality would not be as great , but it would be cheaper.

  • 12Why do we have people in america that are straving and called the working poor and no health insurance?

    And yet , sending millions of dollars to other countries , do you think this is true ?