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Can i get medicaid even if i live home with my parents? related questions

  • 1Can i get medicaid even if i live home with my parents?

    im 23 no job no income no insurance parents pay for everything / anything i want going to planned parenthood tomorrow and some people think i can get Medicaid and that will pay for my birth control. parents against birth control so thy can't find out if i do get it, can parents still claim me or no btw who's income does planned parenthood go by for finding out how much to charge me

  • 2Can you be eligible for medicaid if you are 23 and live at home with your parents?

    I lost a good job and good insurance , because of a health problem / surgery, and had to return home with my parents at 23. Now my new job does not provide any benefit and need health ins ... I have no medical problems, but just in case , I'd be able to go to the Dominican Republic if need and not pay an arm and a leg. I have to pay any rent, but no financial support from my parents. Earning less than 800/mo right now. I think you can make up to 700, found that the Medicaid website (trust me I've been looking at that site forever now , so I'm here!) So please any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  • 3Can I still get medicaid while I live with my parents & already have health insurance?

    At the beginning of my pregnancy around February, I left my mother's house and lived w / my aunt. A few days ago I asked my mom if I was still on their insurance (Aetna ) BCU was not a statement in the mail that Aetna was paying for my doctor visits and stuff. And the statement also said he was a co -payment of $ 20.00, but the office of the Department of Commerce never requested a copayment. Anyway , I'm thinking of moving back to my mom. She makes about 20,000 a year and only I only make about 7,000. this affect my insurance at all?

  • 4Can i qualify for medicaid if i'm NOT pregnant and still live @ home?

    I have 23 years and graduated from college in June, but can not find a job with medical benefits. and currently works part-time work for minimum wage and live with my parents .... but when I graduated, my medical benefits in the health plan were also cut off since it stopped being a "full-time student" I'm trying to complete the Medicaid application for my state, but I'm becoming confused when asked to "head of household" question. because parenthasis by the householder who says "(You)" ... but technically I'm not the householder am I? and requests the amount of money to other people living at the address ... Not that I'm currently in the situation, but if it were, what if I went and got a roommate ... Why how much my roommate makes it one of their business (or mine, really for that matter) if I am related to my roommate anyway. also ask questions like "How much money is in hand for each person in the home" ... like right now? so I have 0 cash on me at this time. but it could easily go to the bank and take something out. I mean what they want to count my change? I do not know what to do with the question ... i could have 0 in me right now, but $ 20 in less than 5 minutes if I went to the bank and took a little off ... My main question is whether I can even sound like I qualify? I heard it's very difficult to qualify, but while I was watching MTV true life I'm addicted to shopping or some shit like that and there was a girl who was 19 and flew thousands of dollars shopping frenzy every day. however, she was on Medicaid and actually covered the "retail therapy" ... if people can afford to spend thousands of dollars on the purchase of clothing every day you can qualify, why does it seem so difficult for other people?

  • 5Will my parents find out if I am receiving Medicaid benefits while still living at home with them?

    I'm using my boyfriend facebook sorry for the weird name lol I'm a girl ! I have 19 years and my parents used to have Medicaid with my brothers and me on your card. Now I'm on your insurance , but I wanted to get birth control and I do not want to appear on your statement . I am also living with them . So if I can apply my own Medicaid card will discover ? I want to say no , for now .

  • 6My boyfriend is mad that i live at home with my parents.?

    However, I have no money to keep me completely . says I can live with it , but then I still need money for my health insurance , so my boyfriend is not financially stable to support both of us at this time. How I can help you understand ? i do not fully understand why you are mad or ...

  • 7Can a son legally put his parents on his insurance if they live at the same home?

    I live with my parents now that I'm in college. I have better benefits than they do, so you could put them in my plan, it is better ? I live in Massachusetts, and I can be in your plan that may be in mine

  • 8I'm 20 years old, live at home with my parents. Should I get a credit card?

    I have 20 years and live at home. My dad is rich . He pays for my tuition . I also bought my first car and my insurance pays . All I have to pay my fuel vehicles. Anyway , I just finished updating secondary school physics and chemistry courses at my community college and will be starting pre-med ( Bachelor of Science in Psychology ) at the University of Alberta in September. I work at Starbucks part-time (20 hours per week during school ) . I make about $ 200.00/week . During the term non-academic , I also work at the airport . During this period , earn about $ 600.00/week . However, my friend told me I had to get a credit card to " my credit score ." Right now , all I have is a bank card . Are there credit cards for people like me , so that I can start building something atleast a credit score ?

  • 9Can parents claim someone on their taxes even if they don't live at home and made over 20,000?

    My husband 's mom and dad claimed on your taxes for 2011 and you just got a paper saying he will not allow anyone to claim him as a dependent .... But in 2011 did not live at home ( living with me ) , then we have a home together , was considered a full-time student , but more than 20,000 people in their work . He was 21/22 last year and were married in 2011. He is still on their health insurance , but that is all you pay . We paid all of last year together ( rent, utilities , and all that)

  • 10If my parents live in my home (house in my name) and I don't drive, do I need to be on their car insurance?

    I don't own a car but my parents recently moved into my house because they are not working now. I don't own a car but do have a license. I heard that if you are living in the same house you have to be listed as a driver regardless if you drive or not. Is this true? I might drive their car once in an emergency but not more than 10 times a year. Is this legal for me to not be on their policy still?

  • 11Can my parents claim me as a dependent if I live at home with them and am coverered by their insurance?

    I have 22 years of age. Living at home with my parents . I finished my college education , last May. So I am no longer a student . I work at home full time probobly Depot and made about $ 15,000 this year . Can my parents claim me as a dependent on your 1040 ?

  • 12Does anyone have financial advice for live-in parents who stay at home to watch the kids?

    We are interested in reducing tax burden , which guarantees for retirement, and ensure that our mother has health insurance. She is an immigrant 60 years of age, without any external source of income. She cares for children which allows us to work and support her.