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QHow Does Obamacare Help The Poor?

The poor in my state (MO) are the only people who CAN afford a trip to the ER. They all have medicaid. It's middle class people like me who limp along without a Dr. visits because I can't afford it.... and I have insurance (such that it is). Why do I have a $1500 copay for an MRI while Jobless Johnny gets the royal treatment without spending a dime?
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#1VitaAnswered at 2012-09-01 02:03:02
Hey , at least now we all pay , unless you make less than $ 9000 a year or so .
#2leyla matiazAnswered at 2013-03-08 01:13:36
Medicaid covers and the poor. Many low-income families now qualify for Medicaid or low-cost plans , if you do not have insurance through their employer ( as most Americans do) . If you have kids , they can stay on your policy until age 26 . You can no longer be downloaded from your insurance if you get sick . It can not be denied insurance if you are sick . You get all you basic checkups without co-payment. You no longer have to worry about caps on coverage ..... so if you have cancer and need chemotherapy, which will cover all treatments and care not deny halfway through chemotherapy . etc.
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How Does Obamacare Help The Poor?

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