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How will Obamacare affect my medicare and my kids medicaid? related questions

  • 1How will Obamacare affect my medicare and my kids medicaid?

    I'm on Medicare because I'm on the SS Obamacare Disability.How this affect me ? I have to leave and buy insurance? I am a single mother, raisng my 2 girls who are 7 and 10.They are on Medicaid. How will it work?

  • 2What exactly is Obamacare and how does it differ to Medicare/Medicaid?

    Please be subjective . CBS comes on at midnight here for half an hour , but I kinda missed the boat on what was (mostly because I do not see that much U.S. news ) .

  • 3What are the differences between Obamacare, Medicare and Medicaid?

    I know this may sound like a silly question , but I 'm very interested . Or just the same thing ? What does everyone ? Pros

  • 4What to do about Medicare/Medicaid/ObamaCare? [they're almost broke]?

    The government estimates that the net funding deficit for Medicare/Medicaid/ObamaCare is about three times the entire output of the United States. [this deficit is the amount of debt that would have to be issued now so that the present taxes plus interest on the debt would cover the benefits promised.] To put that into perspective, at five percent interest, 15 percent of GDP would have to be added to taxes today and continuously kept in higher tax rates in order to fully fund these obligations into the future. If consumption is 75% of the economy [long term average], this would require that you begin paying a 20% VAT on everything you buy and keep this up for the rest of your life -- or else the benefits "promised" in M/M/O [government health care] will have to be cut back. So what's your preference? 1. add VAT on top of all existing taxes in the amount of 20% [the 20% would have to apply to EVERYTHING you buy, including food, health care and the rental value of owner occupied housing]. 2. keep the present levels of M/M/O as long as possible, and, when the government can no longer borrow the funds necessary, impose an estimated 40% reduction on all M/M/O plus all other government expenditures of every variety [except interest on the national debt]. 3. keep the present programs as long as possible and then default on the national debt. 4. cut the present M/M/O programs by five percent immediately and then a further one percent per year until the present level of taxes can support the payments. 5. repeal M/M/O completely and start over with a program that we can afford with the present level of taxes. 6. reduce the present level of taxes in order to rebuild the economy, cutting M/M/O and all other government expenditures as necessary to hold the national debt to not more than 70% of GDP. 8. nationalize health care completely [except for the very rich] and pay for it by imposing a 25% VAT on everything except health care, as well as issuing an estimated 15 trillion in debt to acquire ownership of the health care facilities and businesses from their private owners. 8. some combination of the above .. but you have to specify when the M/M/O cuts and any new taxes will begin and how large they will be. 9. hold a revolution so that the government can seize the economy for the benefit of the people without paying. *** If you have some idea of how to do this that I haven't covered, let's hear it. I'm sure you can figure out for yourselves which of these alternatives is most like the positions of the two major political parties.

  • 5Obamacare is not about the uninsured, it's about the $3t/year in Medicaid/Medicare?

    The Medicaid/Medicare snowball is killing this country. The 31m out of 350m that don't have insurance are not. Tough times my friends, could get a lot tougher.

  • 6How would Paul Ryan's medicare plan affect persons on social security disability who get medicare?

    I have a friend who is disabled by a fatal and incurable and often sick . He can not keep a job and is , by definition , people with disabilities . However, in the 30 and the 55 so far . Chances are you will not live to 55 and even if you do, you'll probably still need medical care . Currently its Medicare pays for everything. He does not have to deal with insurance companies or bonds . Frankly, I would not understand even if I did and would probably very confused and could add to his illness . Therefore, we are trying to understand how the miracle miraculous invention can not go wrong Paul Ryan came to be dealing with people like him.

  • 7Mom's disabled & gets medicare/medicaid. I have medicaid/share Of cost...?

    I have 19 years , he was responsible in some way I am eligible to be placed on your Medicare plan or any other state govt . health insurance plan ? Evercare such as ? Kill the income security social disibility once a month to $ 640.00

  • 8Are Repulsives reviving their Obamacare cuts medicare lie, b/c they have a VP pick who wants to end medicare?

    Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Kaiser Family Foundation tell ABC News that there will be no benefit cuts to Medicare. CMS says

  • 9Medicare insurance: I understand that you can assign your Medicare/Medicaid and eliminate private insurance.?

    One company said the policy would eliminate itheir ~ $ 190/month Blue Cross Blue Shield is charging. I'm confused.

  • 10In order to be eligible for Medicaid, do you have to have kids???

    I have no insurance , I'm getting very nervous , any suggestions ? ? ?

  • 11Do I have to apply for medicaid myself and kids or should i include my boyfriend too ?

    I live in MI and have a child before marriage , which was under Medicaid me while I was pregnant with her second child. Now the child is born and medicaid add my second baby to my insurance medicaid .. but also wants me to fill re - determination of the form and I have to declare any household , income , bank acct . I just went to the house that belongs to my father 's second son . He also lives there . We are not married , have separate tax returns , pay our bills separated but he added one of his bank ACCT because I can buy food and things for your child. Do I have to declare it in the application for Medicaid as part of the house or should I just me and my two children?

  • 12Can I stop my ex from putting kids on medicaid so I can have them on my insurance.?

    My ex and I have custody 50/50 , that is Wed - Fri and I have laid the Tues she and I are remarried. in November lost his job just a month before her baby was born, that means that she lost her insurance job. when did the divorce settlement , said the sense that the children were safe in their work before the divorce they would stay in it , Well, now she has no insurance , lost his job . I told him that as soon as I heard that they can go to my insurance. Now I learn that she and he was the new husband of one of my two children and a new one in Medicaid. She is also in unemployment . I do not want my children on Medicaid , I want on my insurance and I am more than willing to pay full price for your insurance ( when they were in it I paid half the price). ¿ I can lose Medicaid and insurance. Also if I can not get them out of Medicaid what will they do with me , they're coming after me to pay for Medicaid.