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What's going to happen to my HSA when "Obama-Care" go in full effect? related questions

  • 1What's going to happen to my HSA when "Obama-Care" go in full effect?

    I have $18,000 in HSA that I'm not using from my previous HSA insurance that I used to have. What will happen to my HSA when the affordable health act go full "force". Could I keep it and how will I be able to use it??

  • 2Whats will happen if the so called Obama care...?

    makes our premiums go up, and we can't pay it? What about the people on welfare, they STILL get their medical FREE???? When are they going to have to neighbor has 4 kids, single..and is pregnant again....she just keeps getting more and more cash, food stamps, medical, a cell phone. If I could just get knocked up, I could get all this for FREE, why in the hell work??

  • 3When will Obama Care go into effect? Will I be able to get free health care?

    My husband and I are currently uninsured . We can not afford health insurance right now. How little you have to do to get free insurance . And if I have to buy , how much it costs?

  • 4How will Obama care effect us in the long run?

    People at work say we won't have insurance in couple years. Think this could happen? They say only hope now is to vote Obama out next time or were doomed. What do you think?

  • 5When will Obama's health care tax take effect?

    Will it be deducted from one's pay just as S.S. is? How will this be taxed for the self-employed? How does this change Medicare, Medicaid If one cannot afford health insurance like those living in shelters what provision is made for them? As Pelosi said, you to pass it to understand it. It basically passed with taxing everyone instead of mandating purchasing insurance. I get that but there are still so many unanswered questions.

  • 6DOCTORS: How does Obama Care Effect You?

    I like the doctors tell me how Obamacare will change your life as a doctor . This is important to me , because I 'm thinking about going to the medical profession . I've heard many people say that doctors are paid way less and not be able to pay its debt from school and malpractice insurance .

  • 7How is the Obama Health care going to effect people?

    on welfare ? We taxpayers support them now ... So the government is going to understand what's going to pay , or to receive once again receiving free money to taxpayers in us ? ? There are so many drug addicts in our neighborhood .... How will this affect them? FREE Right ? Those who walk in the street , or detained by the police .... wired for sound, which are attended by many of us who have no doctor , only to be released to reload ? 17 gates kicking around our neighborhood last week , we know the cameras caught drug ... provided they are arrested , and broke in when people have gone ... bound to steal anything to get money for their habit , some end up in the hospital we paid for the homeowner pays for your attention ... only these pieces of shit to society to get dropped again, to keep repeating raids , trip to the hospital .... ?

  • 8What effect will Obama Care have on the National Debt?

    I thought it just forces people to buy Health Insurance? Or does the gov't chip in for people that can't afford it?

  • 9What is the Macro-economic Effect of Obama-Care?

    1. Obama is toast. He touched the third rail of American politics - Medicare. 80 million baby boomers are about to tell their legislators what they think of Obama-Care. The boxes have not unpacked, might as well stay taped up - it's out of there in 3.5 years, and meanwhile he is lame as a duck. Third lane = Big Zap (something like a bug zapper), I guess not learned that Harvard, huh? 2. But now, 80 million people who own more than half the money in the U.S., will not spend a penny more. Fear has put into them that Medicare will not be there to share the costs of long-term care, or hospitalization among people over 65 and the end of life. OK without that money, strategic financial planning of the baby boomers will have to change. They will have to save every penny. Goodbye retail sector (70% of the U.S. economy). Depression for 30 years now probably due to the sudden appearance of reverse wealth effect to pull the rug from under 80 million people Medicare. You'll save more money than you actually need, because they are all uninsured now. Obama has run away with the watermellon called Medicare Trust Fund saying I want to give my parents some sectors of ACORN. 3. The Medicare Humpty-Dumpty can not be put back together again after trust has been broken. Some say that what the government gives it can take, what is the problem? But it was actually a Mediacre Trust Fund, not a gift. Insurance was based on premiums paid over the course of many lifetimes of work, FICA taxes from at least 40 quarters of each potential beneficiary to qualify for Medicare - not a gift - a trust fund. There is a fiduciary duty not to convert assets into a trust fund - not to flee with the watermellon and give people in the street. How does a black Marxist, power know this? He would not, QED Obama. 4. The next shoe to fall, what will happen in 2013 is that Social Security payments was not done right. The Trust Fund is another failed Ponzi scheme that is now insolvent and no way to raise sufficient funds to remain solvent. The toxic assets are all you need (Treasury bonds and agency bonds = waste of both paper filing cabinets). 5. Bill Clinton in 8 years created a network of 23 million new U.S. jobs. About 80% of the money earned in the last 30 years gained during the Clinton years. Now come G.W. Bush and Obama to build a vast wasteland where once there was a garden. Good job guys. 6. Hello Gaza Strip! Sauve Qui Peu! Where's the band? Should not be playing on the deck "Nearer my God to thee" - Oh, here's a nice lifeboat for Presidents Obama and GW Bush, watch your head, there comfortably? Buena. Do not worry about you, huh? 7. Short answer: 30 years of depression. (You can say soup kitchen?)

  • 10What is going to happen when the Obama Care supporters realize that they don't get free health care?

    In fact, they are now forced to buy insurance , if they don't have it, or pay a tax. Anyway you look at it the poor now have to pay more.

  • 11Whats the difference between Health Care Reform and Obama Care?

    What is the difference between Reform Obama Health Care ?

  • 12How will Obama's health care plan effect me if i already have insurance through my mom's work

    How will the Obama health plan affect me if I have insurance through my mom's work