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Parking lot accident backing up, who's at fault? related questions

  • 1If you are driving through a parking lot and someone is backing out of a spot and hits you, whos fault is it?

    If you are driving through a parking lot and someone bets by leaving one place and hit you, whos fault is it?

  • 2Who's at fault for a backing out parking lot accident?

    Yesterday I was in a parking lot and began to take off. Both my mother in the passenger seat and I looked both ways , and it was clear . I start backing out and a large truck is pulling together. He immediately stopped and put it on the horn to warn him that was there, but the truck kept going and fell right on my bumper right. Scratches a large amount of paint and separates the right side of my car bumper . His truck did not have a mark on it. The boy insists that " there is no way of knowing who is at fault " and while we secure information exchange , it seems positive that this is not your problem or fault. Normally I would be very sympathetic, but his attitude of the situation made ​​me a little annoying. In this situation, it is still worth trying to contact your insurance company because it says it is not their fault. Perhaps to no one , but as soon as I saw made ​​me stop backing out at once. He went his way. This is the first time I ever had any type of accident, so I'm a little confused about the procedures to follow.

  • 3Parking lot accident backing up, who's at fault?

    I was backing into a parking space and struck directly at the person behind me who also reverse. the only damage is a broken tail light on your vehicle I have a witness saying that it was mutual, but the other person has an image of the broken light on the floor behind the middle of the street The photo was taken after I had also picked up in my space, it seems that I had moved just Part of my car that hit him directly through it, which means that none of us had cut the wheels still your vehicle is twice the size of mine , which I think makes up the difference in distance Whose fault is it ?

  • 4Accident in Parking lot, whos fault?

    im driving in a parking lot of Home Depot. There is a double yellow line of a lane coming and going from one lane. I'm driving one of those streets about 4 miles per hour. Out of the blue barrels a car through the intersection and t- bones me the driver's side . no frame damage , mechanical damage and more. I would say 3-4 grand. Easy . Now there was no stop signal to the other. Sceneraio how this play out. I am in the immediate i persume .... thanks

  • 5Whos fault if backing up?

    Very good .. im at a Taco Bell with my girlfriend to go there and get food and go .. theres like 5 black children not to eat .. so we can go out and get into my car and I turn on the car and I'm about to back up .. Black children and go out to his car parked behind my car ( I did not know that) and get into , I guess .. I started backing up and made sure that there was no backup .. I always check suddenly I see this Acura TSX back up and I hit the brakes and say oh **** and then tried to hit my horn but it is too late idiot builds up in me and hit my car .. I leave the car .. the friend of drivers coming out too, and when he came back and was removed . I returned to my car and took me behind them tyhey stopped at a red light and ended up back end to the cause I did not expect to leave so quickly .. whos fault is it? Because official said the two are guilty of backing up while it sucks ..

  • 6Who is at fault if someone in a parking lot lane backs into someone who is backing out of a parking space?

    I was in the lane of a small parking lot today, and was back up to enter a parking space that was about to release ahead of me. I was checking my left rear in the mirror to make sure someone was not driving behind me, when he collided with a car that was supported by a parking space near the right rear of my car. I did not see , and I guess he did not see me because he had supported enough for us to crash. He says he saw me, it is automatically assumed it was my fault , I said that I would get an estimate and send me a bill . There were no witnesses that I could find and we do not call the police. I filed a report with my insurance company , and is obviously work to do your own research , but I have curiosity about whether anyone has any advance knowledge of this type of situation.

  • 7Someone hit me in the parking lot while backing up. Who's at fault?

    sequence of events: I left my house around ______. I got into the car, turned it on and waited until hot. Although it was heating I entered the location intented to go on my GPS. My car is heated. I put the GPS in my legs, by my crotch, and leaned back. I would not touch the phone until you hit the road. The GPS told me so there was no reason that I have it in hand (literally speaking). Then I put the car in D mode and fast as I normally do to get out of the apartment complex. as soon as I started to turn around the first corner, I saw a car backing up on me faster than the average for backup. It must have been at least 15 to 20 MPH. I stopped shortly after saw the car (which was not too narrow at that point). A second later, I quickly realized that was not going to stop, so I pulled the horn. I was playing at least 3-4-5 seconds until it hit me. When I started talking to the driver, he I said he did not hear me honking (how could I not, unless the music was too loud). The witness must have heard it too. He also told me he was not going fast. I disagree, he was fast enough to be considered dangerous because could easily have beaten a child or someone if they ran in their way. it was as if he was not looking back. So clearly lied about his management. I was pulled over when it hit me. The woman called police and police said that b / c it is private property can do nothing. He threatened me with legal action. I was angry because I'm clearly not the one at fault. She then started taking pictures of my car without my permission. I confronted her so, and a lady, I did not even know who was standing with her, and I started screaming obseneties verbally abuse me for no reason. I did not know who he was or why you have any reason to talk to me like that. I retaliated by talking trash behind her. I was furious because I'm not at fault here, I am facing quite a bit of money in damages to my car, and I have to listen to verbal abuse here. Having heard enough and pushed her off and spat in her direction, because he was upset about verbal abuse. She also was being prejudiced against me, saying that they do not speak English and had to learn. The witness is one that concerns me. She told me away that I'm guilty, even though a complete stop and played for at least 3,4,5 seconds. Somehoe should have reacted (or supernatural means known) to impose the danger of a backup car at a crazy speed, stopped, put in reverse and ran off the road). He said that I was "on the phone". Never put the phone to your ear. Probably I was adjusting my GPS while the car was warming. and from a distance was in for me it would be impossible to see if I was on the phone. I never picked up the phone over my stomach while I was warming up, so it would be even harder to see. I think she might have said I was on my phone just because I had my hand when I was talking to the people involved in the incident. I hope that this sequence of events that will help the judge determine who is at fault in this case and also offer an idea that could have been a bias involved with witness. Do not know if I could because I am a foreigner or white, or because the witness was just friends with the person who hit me, but his story is not objective by any means. They beat me, I stopped, I noticed the other driver for quite a long time, the other driver was going too fast, I was not on my phone, and yet she thinks I'm guilty That makes no sense. When she said I was on my phone I thought it might have been true. I could not remember what happened at the time of the incident because he was overwhelmed and I was focusing on the car when I realized. But then I remembered that no was no reason for me to watch from the GPS is set up and ready to speak directions, and most ipmortant is that the phone fell to the floor of the cabin in the middle, suggesting that under the seat (near my crotch ) in the ground. Once I remembered when I found my phone, I made sure that I was not playing with it while driving. The driver threatened legal action because she believed in the testimony that "I was on the phone." Coudln't to the police as it was a private resort. Who is at fault here? Certainly the driver was black and I'm white, and it's kind of a black neighborhood, so after the story of the witness felt prejudice IMPORTANT DETAIL: not backtrack on his parking space. was backed up through the parking space at a high speed.

  • 8If two cars are backing out of a parking spot, and they hit each other, who's at fault?

    If two cars back up a parking space , and hit each other , who is to blame?

  • 9If I rear-ended someone in a parking lot while backing up, is it still my fault if they were...?

    double row ... ? It was dark and I supported it b / c I could not see ( in a small car and I have a Suburban) , when there should have been there in the first place.

  • 10As per Washington rules of road when backing out of parking always your fault?

    The insurance company said it is always the fault of a driver who is backing out from the parking lot , is this true? My friend is backing out of parking on speed as 5.3 mph and dump truck was blocking his way and I did not realize the truck driver was not in the truck was in the back of the truck trying to landfill. Thus, while support off-site parking, a friend of my car on the right side tail light assembly was broken and there was no other damage to your car or any damage dump truck Yet the insurance company raised his cousin, and he decided that it is less fault accident under the law of the State of Washington. Is it true you are backing out is always to blame? irrelevant was blocking the way? Can you give me web link where you can read about this law?

  • 11I was rear ended while parallel parking whos at fault?

    I used my turn signal and was reversed almost back up in space, when this girl crashed into my death to go atleast 30 mph ! Insurance agencies are still determining fault .. Whos fault do you think this was? it was a form of one and 2- laned street if that helps.

  • 12I got hit by a guy in parking lot.he's back off,i was driving trough.i wonder whos at fault.?

    i m driving from main street ,turning right to fronted to my working place parking lot.i saw 2 car was parking there already. and i din't see d car's light is on so is meant the car is parked.Then i pass by suddenly the car back off,i hav no time to give a warn then he hit my left back door and bumper.the first time he get ogg from the car he din't ask me if i m ok or not.He yelling at me ask me what i'm u doing!And why i din't stop!BUt i already get there how can i stop the car,if i stop he he will hit my front door and i may get injured.and i told him that i can't claimed my insurance company cuz my insurance was ald high.then he ask to get d estimate ,but when i showed him d estimate he said he pay for that tell me to claim d ins.then i make a deal with him ,how about 50/50,but he said wait 2 more day to let him think about it.but i cant wait that long time,cuz is aly past 2 days.when i said want to make a report but he wont let me to.he said is at privete property,police don count