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Can an auto insurance company deny a claim? related questions

  • 1Can an auto insurance company deny a claim?

    I had an accident last week which was not at fault . The police department clearly agree with me and gave the traffic ticket the other driver for reckless driving. I filed a complaint with the other driver's insurance company and say they are investigating the accident. I asked how long it would take for them to fix my car and was told that if they thought were responsible for what we paid for it, otherwise it would cover the costs of repairing my car , which are quite high. Can they do this ? I have a police report clearly indicates that the accident was not my fault. What should I do if my claim is denied ?

  • 2Auto Insurance Company trying to deny my claim?

    My car was hit while parked in a parking lot. The guy drove off but the police were called and they caught the guy. The officer called me and asked if I would like to press criminal charges. I said no, as long as the driver is insured(I have 2 years to decide to press criminal charges for hit and run). I obtained the police report.I had the insurance asseser come out and take pictures of my car. I have done everything I am supposed to. The guy who hit my car is not complying with his insurance company. They want him to send in pictures of his vehicle and he has not. They say that there is no proof that he hit my car, since the witness who took his plate number LEFT before I could get her information. But he admitted to the officer that he hit my car. It is in the report. Isnt that proof enough? Should I press criminal hit and run charges against this guy, since he wont comply? Will the insurance company ever give me my money? Thanks.

  • 3Can an auto insurance company deny a claim that was clearly not my fault?

    I got into a car accident and the police report stated that the other driver was 100 % at fault . That insurance company refused the demand drivers because his client did not file a claim and can not reach it. Is there a law or something that will protect me from all this? It's like they are saying "I have no desire to pay despite our driver was at fault, so we are denying the claim " Can they deny it because it does not feel like paying even though the police report says it was the other drivers fault ? The company is a small independent company , not every state or progressive.

  • 4Can an auto insurance company deny a claim for driving a car during state of emergency

    Can a car insurance company denying a claim to drive a car during a state of emergency

  • 5Is it legal for my auto insurance company to deny a claim before receiving all supporting documents from me?

    ie.police reports and affidavit of theft, and all documents you have requested of me. I have sent all the documents on 08 February 2011, but refused my request on February 04 I received the denial letter , 15 dated 4 . How can they deny my claim without having all the facts and documents?

  • 6Can an insurance company deny my claim? ?

    I have recently been in a car accident. My insurance expired on 07/12/2008 . I've had insurance with this company for years and have never been in an accident . I renewed my insurance on 12/11/2008 so it was a lapse in coverage for 3 days. I invovled in an accident on icy roads because of 12/15/2008 . My car slid on ice and rear ended another vehicle . My car most of the damage, but now my insurance company is investigating me . I did not call the police at the time of the accident, because in Illinois, if there are no injuries , you have to go to the police station to lodge a complaint. I knew it was not even a requirement to file police report especially since the accident was my fault. Now they are investigating my case. Can they deny my application?

  • 7Can you sue your own insurance company after they deny a valid claim?

    Well, the allegation is not denied in reality. This question is for my mom . She was in a car accident four years ago , with a drunk driver , and has since had surgery to repair ruptured spinal discs , physiotherapy and massage treatments . She filed a claim with the insurance company after the accident , has a horrible run-around , and finally gave up and paid the medical expenses out of pocket . It was stupid to give up, but what 's done is done ... Anyway , he learned that the insurance company must cover their customers up to 10 years , and demand has been reopened . Again , it was a second round , and has received one phone call from the adjuster after a month ( and after a complaint to his supervisor) and plays dumb . He said he wants to talk to his lawyer , but his lawyer is suing the drunk driver , that has nothing to do with insurance coverage . Would it be possible for her to take any legal action against your insurance company ? It's in Canada by the way.

  • 8Can insurance company deny my claim because the "think" my exwife is the thief?

    Pasando por un divorcio horrible. Mi pronto - a-ser ex esposa tuvo que abandonar el domicilio conyugal y estoy viviendo allí con nuestros hijos . Se me dio el derecho de cambiar las cerraduras y no se supone que vienen a la casa sin el consentimiento previo por escrito . La casa fue robada hace un par de semanas . Es una larga historia , pero permítanme decir que sabemos que es ella. No hay suficiente evidencia para hacer que un mandamiento de registro , etc , pero todos sabemos que lo hizo . Por supuesto , mi ex lo niega todo . Se reunió con el investigador de seguros sobre la afirmación de que totalizará ~ $ 10.000. Ella también cree que es ella , pero sabe que no hay pruebas contundentes . Debido a que mi ex es también en esta política , la compañía de seguros podría decir que no puedo reclamar la pérdida debido a esto no es robado , pero sólo está en manos de uno de los asegurados ? Si no hay suficiente evidencia de que la policía actúe , puede la compañía de seguros sólo decir que el " pensar " esto y niega mi reclamo ? Si lo hacen, es su recurso para mí con respecto a esa decisión?

  • 9If I die in a car accident could a Life Insurance company deny my claim?

    I smoke a cigarette about 4-5 times a year. If I fill my life insurance policy as a non smoker and 7 years in my policy to die in a car accident. Does the life insurance company to do some research to see if I was a smoker ? Can you deny the claim , if they found nicotine in my system? How could prove that I lied on my policy ? Thank you,


    Two years ago my wife, my son and I were struck by a hit and run driver had the opportunity to obtain registration information, and this person had State Farm Insurance. We immediately opened a claim state farm . We called the health care and medical expenses . My son and I went to maybe a year later for almost anything , but medical bills payable. My wife however was not satisfied . Two years later she called the insurance company re- established only for med bills paid and was told that it may not be resolved as it is over two years old. Is this something that can be done is not legally obliged to pay at least medical expenses ?

  • 11If the insured is not coperating with insurance company can they deny a claim?

    My car was hit by a hit an run driver an the insured driver won't tell the insurance company who was driving the car and they said if he don't comply they will drop my claim

  • 12Can a health insurance company deny a claim when they initially said they would pay it??

    I went to the dentist because I dislocated jaw. The dentist I had to adjust to a splint to set up, but only after the person entered the billing office and said he had spoken to my insurance and they said they would pay 80% and would be responsible for 20 % of the splint. I had to sign a document acknowledging my 20%, and later became the splint. I have my splint , I paid my 20%, and came to the healing. I have a bill today that the dentist said I am responsible for the remaining 80% , because my insurance denies the claim . I know that talking to someone at the insurance company " does not guarantee payment ," as I hear every time I call , but I must take this with ? The compant sure who first said they would pay , but now refuses or doctor who spoke to them at first, but now wants more money? The remaining 80% is more than $ 500 and I just do not you can afford .