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Does Kaiser insurance cover residential treatment centers? related questions

  • 1Does Kaiser insurance cover residential treatment centers?

    Do you have Kaiser insurance coverage residential treatment centers ?

  • 2Are there any residential eating disorder treatment centers that accept PAYMENT PLANS?

    Or do you know of a way to make my insurance covers residential treatment ?

  • 3Does Manulife Financial (Canada) cover residential eating disorder treatment?

    I am currently in outpatient treatment for my eating disorder ( restricting / purging type of anorexia 5 years ) and my team want to attend residential treatment (possibly including hospital ) treatment of my emergency . It would be in a different city where I live, since I live in a small town that do not offer these treatment options . Additional information : - I am a woman of 18 years in college - The plan of my parents coverage.

  • 4Would kaiser cover an inpatient treatment center care?

    Kaiser hospital treatment will be covered in the spotlight ?

  • 5How can I say to Kaiser Permanente to cover any type of hair treatment due to illness? ?

    Certainly I have a long list of medical problems , such as hypothyroidism, gastric bypass surgery before severe depression, hair naturally good, and family history of alopecia ... and I have only 27. I also suffer from epilepsy I am currently on medication for . I've heard of some treatments that can be covered. Although I have had success with wigs , are not, as some know , only a temporary solution , and tend to worsen the condition. I'm on disability to save money to get treatment done on my own is almost impossible. Does anyone have any advice? I have medical knowledge and got Kaiser to pay for previous surgeries that tried to deny outright first out because he was seen as only aesthetic , but after intensive and clear pictures show the main difference between cosmetic and reconstructive ... but all that took 3 years to make .

  • 6Can a Residential Treatment Center Deny Treatment?

    I live here in WI, and my child is in need of RTC. She's currently misdiagnosed with bipolar, and is using substance, or substance abuse. There is a RTC that will address all of her needs and get her on track to a healthy lifestyle, but they say that they don't feel their program would benefit my child. This RTC boasts, intense therapy in all aspects of their care, but they have referred me to out of state in Illinois, and MN. The facility in MN has referred me to South Dakota to send my child. How can I actively participate in my childs recovery if she is in Illinois or South Dakota? I have adequate insurance to cover cost of RTC, but seems like the facility don't want to take a chance on my insurance. Insurance has informed them that there is no limited bed stay, and my only cost is $250 for deductible. I feel that my child is being discriminated against in some form or or another, and why can't she be treated in her home state? I'm having a big problem with this.

  • 7Does anyone know about Cancer Treatment Centers Of America?

    I called and checked their website , it sounds too good to be true , well they do not really give out any free advice , especially when you can make money from a visit to the hospital. I realize that is a pvt Hosptial and not accept government assistance , funding or support , which means that only accepts the best of the best health insurance and have to be rich to go beyond the initial deposit is $ 100,000 if you not have health coverage . So since this is based purely for the rich , not the poor or working poor , are these treatment centers anything and they are worth all that money or what? Just curious , if you can eradicate any type of oral cancer ? If you were there or know of them , in a ranking of 10 stars , what would you rate it ? 10 being the best and 1 being poor .

  • 8Are there any FREE alcohol treatment centers in Phoenix, Arizona?

    My 41 year old brother has been drinking for 20+ years. He is really at a point where there are no options for him with the family. We can't keep taking him in. He does work some but his situation, both physicall and mentally, has become unmanageable for even him. He has agreed to go into treatment. We do not have money for this and he is not covered by any insurance. Arizona will not qualify him for State insurance either. Any suggestions. He does not want salvation army.

  • 9How can i pay for residential treatment programs ?

    hi im 18 years old and have an anxiety disorder , but I 'm unemployed and some treatment centers cost $ 10,000, about $ 3,000 a month what are some ways that you can continue to pay to go to a center ?

  • 10HELP! My inpatient or residential treatment options?

    I live in Billings Montana. I turned 18 last month, so I am still with my mom. I'm currently on medication for bipolar disorder and anxiety, but of course my mom is paying for all of it, including the psychiatrist appointments. Due to my mood disorders, i have never had a job. But my home situation is extremely complicated, and I need help fast. I said the same thing to my mom about 2 years ago, and for months she called in to every place around us. If I recall, there was none close by, and all the places we checked farther from us are places her insurance refuses to cover. We aren't rich and I'm running out of options. Today I was on a free online support group, and I was given links for help and insurance stuff, and something called Medicaid that they all said they used, and does cover costs. I know nothing.. about insurance.. and 2 hours looking over the links has only made me feel more lost. My mom will not support me and if I continue to live with her, I fear I will become a danger to myself. But I have no where to go. This is urgent. I dont need a diary, or the suicide hotline that has never helped me. I dont need some therapy that I can't afford. With all thats going on, I feel I need to check myself into inpatient care, and fast. No, not our 3 to 5 day psych ward. Long-term inpatient treatment. What the f***ing hell am I suppose to do? Is this sort of thing only available to rich people? These are the links I was given: What are the steps I need to take so I can live. Please give me all the information you can.. be as detailed as you can.. This is really.. really important.. I'm 100% lost, scared, and just overwhelmed. If you have answers that can't all fit here, please email me:

  • 11Are there any mental health treatment centers in Canada that are government funded or are covered by insurance?

    I'm looking for a psychiatric hospital or anything along that line. I'm looking more for a treatment center that can go a year or so , and one that coverered through my parents' basic medical insurance for me , or funded by the government ( so my Canadian health card covers ) .

  • 12Urgent! My inpatient/residential treatment options!?

    I just posted similar to this and it was deleted.. I have no idea why but this is an emergency. So here it goes: I just turned 18 last month and so am living with my mom still, who pays for medications and psychiatry appointments. The current living situation is very complicated, but I need to find myself help. My mom cant afford it and due to my mood disorder, I have no job. Insurance doesn't cover anything we've looked into. I live in Billings Montana. I was on a free online support group, and they all recommended something called medicaid? I know nothing of insurance.. please be as detailed as you can and give me as much information as possible. I am looking for a long-term inpatient care that I can do with my current money situation. I please dont offer out-patient therapy, or a 3 to 5 day hold at the hospitals psych ward. What steps can I take so I can prepare myself for the world while avoiding a complete mental breakdown? I can't stay with my mom, and there are no friends or family members I can move it with. Im not asking for the inpatient care as a home; I do need this. I have for a long time.. but I dont know how to go about this. What is medicaid? How do I approach all of this?