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QWhat happens when you lend someone your car, and they get into an accident? How does the insurance work?

Does homeowners insurance is customary , or that the person driving the car to use their own insurance? Furthermore, it is techically "legal " to let someone else drive your car without putting on your insurance? What if I just borrowed it once or twice and had an accident? Will the owner be penalized by his / insurance company or homeowner's insurance or to cover the accident?

Something I have wondered , especially since I had to drive my girlfriend 's car around the last few days since my car is being repaired. I'm not in politics, and I have no plans to have an accident, but I like to be prepared with knowledge. Thank you !
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#1lynxAnswered at 2012-01-16 18:08:30
The person driving the car, may be liable for all damages, if you can get money from them . Get insurance to pay the claim, usually if you gave permission for them to drive the car. However, that friend , you should make arrangements for all damages to your car ! You will never be able to get the premium to increase again from her friend, THINK NOT ! Only personal experience , I am not a lawyer !
#2I R Good Answered at 2012-01-18 12:51:04
Your insurance policy of the state (usually a group of age) has the right to drive your car. You can call and ask if you are not sure what you have stated in the policy. Also, if someone is driving your car and crash them, is your insurance is paying for the damage , as is the car that has crashed (the other person will not have an insurance policy in the car! ) The excess cost damage is always a larger amount if the person has had the accident not appear in the policy allowed drivers .

Also, if you have an accident, your insurance company reduces the "Rating" and therefore the premiums are a bit more until you can prove to be a good driver so they can get their premiums back up . (Unless , of course , you're a Rating 1 for Life - Protected ).

Hope this helps ! Good luck and drive safely !
#3BrentAnswered at 2012-01-19 17:54:41
The car is insured, not the driver. The insurance company will not like it if someone is driving , but the car is still insured in case of an accident. If you have insurance , check your policy to see what it says about the conduct of another car.
#4BrayAnswered at 2012-01-23 20:21:29
if it was not there fault, rather than the other and now there is foul so paid. Rember not hit another car at the rear ens this always be your fault, no matter what.i did not matter if you were at fault, hit them in the back , being my fault.
#5NoraAnswered at 2012-01-27 22:04:55
It is what is called " uninsured motorist " coverage that is manditory in some states. What this means is that anyone with an insurance policy can drive the car from someone and if there is a loss, your insurance company will pay. Second, if the borrower 's car does not have a policy, the vehicle owner's insurance will pay the claim (assuming the borrower's car is at fault ). So consider the following scenarios :

1. We both have cars and insurance and to pay the car and someone from behind. Your insurance will pay damages.

2. I have a car with insurance, but does not have either. I will lend you the car and someone rear. My insurance cover the damages.

3. I own a car, none of us have insurance and I paid my car. Somebody rear and guilt. The insurance policy of the other person they are covered with " car insurance " laws .
#6OscarAnswered at 2012-01-28 20:37:26
It is likely dependent on the state is insured the car in. For example , Texas is a "no -fault " insurance state . This means that if you hand the keys to any person to drive your car , insurance is liable for any damage caused by your car, regardless of who is driving. After deductible of course. Each state is different. Just to let you satisfied with your boyfriend, it could be a good idea to put your car on your insurance or at least talk to your insurance agent and find out what he or she suggests you do to cover everyone in this situation . It may mean doing nothing and pay nothing , but well worth discovering .
#7EvangelineAnswered at 2012-02-04 18:14:05
From what my co -insurance. I said it's best not to let anyone drive your car, but if you have permission it would be nice . I was also told that anyone living in your home must be on your insurance.
#8PhoenixAnswered at 2012-02-05 14:55:03
The insurance follows the car, not the person. So no matter who is driving the car if an accident occurs, the first person to have insurance on the vehicle is liable and their insurance has to cover. You can drive the car as long as you are insured and have no problem. I would ask your boyfriend to give you a copy of your insurance card to keep in the glove compartment in case you are stopped .
#9cheesy doo doop Answered at 2012-02-13 13:07:21
The insurance should cover the car not the driver. Being as such , since his name is in politics, then you are responsible for the accident that got into the car . If they have their own insurance of morality for them to do is use your insurance to cover it, but really yours. And yes the price will rise. I only know this because my brother used my car to move some things (I had a tiny convertible and I had a station wagon ) and put inot an accident. I tried to fight it , but the car is not covered.
#10Killa of Ust Answered at 2012-05-04 16:00:32
if that person is not included in your insurance, your insurance will not be liable for any payment to you. the only way to get paid for this is to have promised to file a report saying that the car was stolen. going to do a few weeks in jail , but hey, at least they were responsible enough to deceive the insurance company .
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What happens when you lend someone your car, and they get into an accident? How does the insurance work?

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