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Should I get a 2013 Ford Mustang or a Used 2010 F150 Fx4 Lariat? related questions

  • 1Should I get a 2013 Ford Mustang or a Used 2010 F150 Fx4 Lariat?

    So I can get a brand new Ford Mustang V6, or a used 2010 F150 Fx4 Lariat? I know, I know its only a V6 but Im only 16 and I dont need the power of a 5.0 or a Boss (even though thatd be so cool) plus the insurance on anything past a V6 for a 16 year old Male is pretty pricey. The truck is a nice 2010 F150 Fx4 with about 57,000 miles (pretty high for only two years but trucks are pretty durable so im not TOO worried about maintenance on it) It also has a nice "top of the line" style Lariat trim. Now, I know personality plays a factor in this too, so: I REALLY like performance in a car, but again, Im 16. Therefore i have to be reasonable. I also like to be able to carry friends around with me. I LOVE to drive and absolutely LOVE road trips. I also like an engine to be a bit more on the peppy side, i guess would be the best way to put it. While i probably wont be towing large trailers, the bed of the truck would get its fair share of use carrying stuff around and taking off road trips, beach driving, and Im never short on friends to pack my car with either :/ (not always a good thing but true) BUT I also like to be able to peal out, gun it off the line, hear the roar of a high performance engine, hit some high speeds on clear open country roads, and take a few trips to the race track too. Im so torn on which to get. any help would be greatly appreciated. If theres anything I didnt put on here that would better help YOU to advise ME, be sure to post it and let me know.

  • 2Can I afford a 2013 ford mustang please read?

    Ok I have 18 years about to turn 19. I now bring home $ 1000 a month I have no debt , but I am a full time student in college . I have saved $ 15,000 . ? I can afford a new mustang 2013? thanks

  • 3How much would the full cover insurance cost for a 2010 ford mustang?

    This is for a school project

  • 4How much is full coverage auto insurance on a 2003 ford f150

    What is full coverage auto insurance on a 2003 ford f150

  • 51994 Ford F150 w/121,000 miles. get liability or full coverage auto insurance no loan?

    I'm buying a vehicle and i dont know whether or not to get full coverage or just liability. i bought the truck for $1200 and im sure its not worth much. but im afraid that if something goes wrong, and i dont have full coverage then im gona be screwed as far as getting any help from insurance to pay for it. i dont have a loan so i dont have to get full coverage. HELP!

  • 6Buy 2013 mustang gt or ninja 650?

    I love both but can't decide ----Mustang cons 1 Mustang isn't going to be good on gas but I wont but a car with no power 2 its. Expensive gas car payment will be around 300 a month with a 3000 down payment plus insurance ------ninja 650 cons 1 I have a new born child and can't take him on the bike so will have to call a cab when I have to take him to his oppointments 2 I can't go back home to tucson to visit family because my son and wife wont fit so we would have to fly ($$$$$) -------Mustang pros 400+ hp! ! Great car to be passed down to my son Can hold 5 people Its a freakin mustang =] -------ninja pros No monthly payments Cheap gas pretty fast Its a freakin motorcycle. =]

  • 7Is a 2013 mustang gt a good 2nd car?

    Yes i know your thinking a 34 thousand dollar car for a 17 year old? My dad and I have a deal. I pay him half back after college. Anyway I have never gotten a ticket or pulled over. I never speed(most of the time). I want a honest opinion if it is or not.

  • 8What would be the insurance policy on a 2013 Mustang GT/CS?

    Pretend it's the summer of 2014 and I just bought the car said . How much would a typical insurance go Stang is used with about 7,000 kilometers in a small town (like Gainesville ) go?

  • 9Should I get A Ford Mustang GT?

    I approx . $ 1,500 a month with 200 € / month rent. I stay with my own food and pay my own car insurance and other bills (about another $ 250 / month for food and $ 150 in other expenses , currently) This leaves me with about $ 900 a month to move with . After saving enough for a down payment , do you think I can make enough money to pay the high insurance rate and high interest loan you will be getting ? ( I try to pay off my loan in three years. Is this smart, or should I go for a long term loan ? )

  • 10Ford Mustang?

    A 1999-2004 Mustang GT convertible is cheap for a first car , etc. eg affordable insurance up -keep , .

  • 11What do you think about the new 2010 ford car features?

    What do you think about the new features, You think it's better, worse?????? DETROIT - So you think junior is a little too lead-footed when he drives the family car? Starting next year, Ford Motor Co. will give you the power to do something about it. The company will launch a new feature on many 2010 models that can limit teen drivers to 80 mph, with a computer chip in the key. Parents also have the option of programming the teen's key to limit the audio system's volume, and to sound continuous alerts if the driver does not wear the seat belt. "Our message to parents is, hey, we provide some conditions to give your new drivers that may allow you to feel a little more comfortable in giving them the car more often," said Jim Buczkowski, director of Ford of electronic and electrical systems engineering. The feature, called "MyKey," will be standard on an unspecified number of Ford models in 2010 cars and trucks come out late next summer. The role will cover the entire line Ford, Lincoln and Mercury model are updated, spokesman Wes Sherwood said. Ford reached the limit of 80 mph even though the speed limit of the highway are lower in most states because it wanted to leave a margin in case an unusual situation arises, Buczkowski said. In some states, speed limits are highway above 70 mph, Sherwood said. "Just prune exactly 70 mph was considered too limiting," Buczkowski said. The company already uses computer chips in its keys to prevent theft. The car will not start unless it recognizes the chip in the key. "It's making use of existing technology and, through the magic of software, we can create functions on top of the features we already have," Buczkowski said. In addition to speed limits, MyKey also will limit the volume of the audio system, and will ring six seconds every minute if seat belts are not fastened. The buzzer sounds for adult drivers, too, but ends after five minutes to avoid annoying adults who adamantly do not want to wear seat belts, Buczkowski said. Parents also have the option of having the car sound a chime if the teen is 45, 55 or 65 mph. The feature will debut on the 2010 Focus compact car and quickly move to models of other companies as a standard feature, the company said. Ford said its market research shows 75 percent of parents like the speed and audio limits, but not surprisingly, 67 percent of teens do not like. Danisha Williams, a veteran of 16 years at Southfield-Lathrup High School in suburban Detroit, said he is against the idea. "I do not want my parents to have much control over how I'm driving," he said. "If your parents are holding your hand, you'll never learn." Brittany Hawthorne, 17, another Southfield-Lathrup High, said there may be emergency situations where it would have to drive more than 80, possibly to accelerate to avoid a crash. Ford research shows that parents would be more likely to let teens use their vehicles with the system, Sherwood said, and if they put the car more often, the number of teens objecting drops by nearly half. A senior official from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a research group funded by the auto insurance industry that is trying to raise the minimum driving age to 17 or 18 years, found the key intriguing and said no was unaware of any other manufacturer offering such a feature. IIHS says car crashes are the leading cause of death among teenagers. "The research we have done has shown that speeding is a major factor in accidents caused by teenage drivers, especially rookies," said Anne McCartt, Institute senior vice president for research. "So I think a system that tries to correct the speeding behavior has the potential to improve safety." More than 5,000 U.S. teens die each year in automobile accidents. The rate of accidents, fatal and nonfatal, per mile driven for 16-year-old drivers is almost 10 times the rate for drivers ages 30 to 59, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Several auto insurers in the U.S. have begun offering in-car cameras or global positioning equipment to help parents monitor their teen's behavior driving, hoping to reduce the number of accidents.

  • 12Ford Mustang insurance?

    this can be a very silly question but what do you think insurance would be a car or 4cyl 5spd mustang 1990 to 93.89 . -16 Pennsylvania if you can find a website for calculating do it for me because I get spammed these false please help me !