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QQuestions about Aflac short term disability policy (regarding pregnancy and maternity leave)?

I have a few questions about Aflac's short term disability policy in regards to maternity leave. I took out a short term disability policy last fall (signed paperwork on Aug 1, but only became effective Sept 1). So I was just wanting to make sure that as long as I have the baby after July 1 that the policy will pay out. Does this sound correct? Also, what steps do I need to take to be reimbursed after I have the baby? Is there anything that I need to do now? Will I have to pay for the policy while I am out on leave or will that be waived since I will be using the policy? When is the earliest that I can cancel the policy and how will I need to go about that? Any help is appreciated!

(My due date is July 13; so I am definately cutting it close as far as the 10 month period, but I had calculated pregnancy length- wasn't counting weeks from last period, but instead from ovulation- and didn't think we'd get pregnant the 1st try so I am praying that our baby will not come too early.) Thanks!!!
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#1sayaAnswered at 2012-06-30 22:54:03
Will go on the start date of the policy and will have to read the policy to check to see if it is 10 months for pregnancy.
#2LeAnn/Needs turned in within an hourAnswered at 2013-11-11 11:10:00
Sorry some one misinformed u seriously.
short term disability does not cover pr ego.
it covers disabilities ie. physical damage to u,
not pregnancy.

health insurance covers pregnancy.
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Questions about Aflac short term disability policy (regarding pregnancy and maternity leave)?

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