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Can you remove ink pen from a car title without damaging the title? related questions

  • 1Can you remove ink pen from a car title without damaging the title?

    I wrote my name in place in the title errors Can anyone have a solution for this I can clear how

  • 2How do I get rid of a Salvage Title Vehicle without damaging my credit?

    The dealer does not tell me it's a salvage title . Currently finance the car with me . I had liability insurance , but now are asking me full collision base. My insurance company told me they can not do basic full collision , since the car was declared a total loss in 2010. I can not find insurance companies to give me full coverage basic, but in the case of an accident, but I will have almost nothing. The dealer told me to be connected with an insurance company that covers more . I do not want this vehicle , I will not waste my money or get a bad credit. What I can do?

  • 3How do I remove someone from my car title?

    My dad co-signed by me when I bought the car , now that I finished I would pay it out of the title.

  • 4Do you have to pay to remove a name from a vehicle title?

    I have a title for a Ford Explorer and I just moved out and I want to remove my name from the mothers out of my title , how much does that cost, anyway?

  • 5Can I remove my husbands name off car's title?

    OK we have a combination of auto- loan and is a primary lender and I am a co -signer . He has never made ​​a single payment, I was always in my checking account. It's my car and drive just do it ( took him several times in the past). He has his own vehicle we have for the joint car loan and their lender I am the principal and co- signer. We still need about $ 9,000 and I just got back from my taxes (which are presented separately ) and am willing to pay for my vehicle. The thing is, if I do, is likely to take the vehicle of my ( our marriage is concerned ) , or someone who owes much of the strength of money (which is highly in debt). I wonder if the car loan company would agree to change the title just for me , and I could re-register the vehicle in my name, and that I am willing to pay the remaining balance beyond . My husband will not. In fact , if I left him, he would get REPOSSED , would never make a single payment. I am willing to call, but every time I come home from work it is too late and the customer service is closed. Are also closed on weekends . So I do not know when to call, but I am anxious to know what chance I have.

  • 6I want to remove my name off my daughter's car title?

    My daughter was given a car by his father and enrolls in our names so I could add to my insurance policy . The title sais it or not and me . I do not want to be responsible for this car or insurance. It is time for some tough love . Is there any way to remove my name the title even if she does not want to do ?

  • 7How to remove Lien holders name from car title?

    In 2007 carried out a loan and use my car title as collateral. We filed for Chapter 7 in 2008 and this loan company was sent the paperwork to the court date , but never showed up. I am very positive that the original title. It has the stamp or pressed into the paper. What I can tell if I have the original? If so, how do I get her name there ? I'm thinking of selling the car and not want to have any problem doing so. thanks

  • 8Can I remove my wife's name from my truck title?

    My title says it or I can I remove your name and save me I'm in Arkansas

  • 9Remove my name from a off road vehicle title?

    A 50 cc motorcycle was exchanged for a projector and so the bike was in my name, and my son was injured on the bike and returned it without asking the projector just to have our name changed again , so the friend ended up giving that bike to someone else and never fixed the names, now this guy has been on the bike. How do I remove my name in the title

  • 10Why get title insurance if one has a warranty deed - If i validate that the seller has title insurance then I can lean on him AND his title insurance company to clear up the title issues. Right

    Why get title insurance if you have a warranty deed - If I can validate that the seller has title insurance then I can lean on him and his title insurance company to clarify the issues of the title. right

  • 11If u swap s dashboard with a vin. since its illegal to remove a vin would the dmv. issue a rebuildable title?

    In a car of 27 years

  • 12Lost title and have sold truck can i switch the title to the new owner and let them wait for the title.?

    that takes 15 days we can go ahead with the sale and have the title again to come to Him so that we can complete the sale of the truck