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State Farm Good Student Discount GPA? related questions

  • 1State farm good student discount?

    I have my license today and asked me what I have to do to get the good student discount ? Currently going to college full time and my average is 3.1 . that gave me a way I have to be hired, but I have no idea where to take it, do I need transcripts?

  • 2How much is the Good Student Discount from State Farm?

    What is the good student discount for State Farm ?

  • 3State Farm Good Student Discount GPA?

    Southern California. State Farm does not look at your previous semester GPA or cumulative GPA in determining for the Good Student Discount ?

  • 4State Farm Insurance Good Student Discount?

    My mom told me he had received the good student discount , because I dropped 2 classes from the spring , which to me, not to become a full time student . I took 12 credits, but fell 7 credits , equivalent to 5 credits in the spring. But here's my question, State Farm has a year full time ( 24 + ) claims , or per semester (12 +) claims. I have 12 credits in the fall , 5 credits (7 credits dropped) in the spring and 9 credits in the summer. This equates to 26 credits over 24 credits. So what are the requirement of full-time semester or a year?

  • 5Does State Farm Good Student discount use your weighted or unweighted GPA?

    My parents are going to get my insurance and a requirement of good student discount , says a 3.0 or a B grade average . I have a 2.9483GPA (unweighted ) and 3.3GPA (weighted) If anyone out there has had this discount, you do not have GPA ? and GPA are not completed ?

  • 6Is this illegal? State Farm's good student discount question.?

    State Farm Insurance will give you a discount if you have good grades on his report card ( above a 3.0). I had a hard semester and did not quite make a 3.0 GPA . Is it illegal to send a fake report card ?

  • 7Does State Farm auto insurance round the GPA for good student discount?

    I have an average of 2,998 and the need for a 3.0 good student discount . Are they going to round up to a 3.0 ?

  • 8Does good student discount (State Farm) cancel if I get a Moving Violation?

    I recently pulled over for going 10 mph over the speed limit, so I got a ticket for $ 143. I know one of my discounts that may qualify for more. I wondered if this would cancel my Good Student Discount ? I have a 3.5gpa if that matters ...

  • 9Student discount state farm?

    How the process for the good student discount go? had to do their semester grades ? or transcription ? Would you be asked to fill out a form? ask for anything from school? this is for college students.

  • 10In order to qualify for a good student discount how long do you have to have good grades?

    I know you need a 3.0 GPA in which I live , who is from California and my insurance company is AAA parents . I do not know if you need a 3.0 for the whole year for one semester or one quarter only to qualify for the discount.

  • 11Will I still get a good student discount?

    I'm in high school, but I am attending college full-time community through my high school. Because I'm still in high school , will be an average of 2.76 total college keep me from getting a good student discount on my car insurance when they also have a high grade point average ( including my high school and college classes ) which is more than 3.5 ?

  • 12State Farm Steer Clear Discount and Moving Violations?

    13 months ago , I received a speeding ticket . It was an oversight bill (6 months) and I went to traffic school / paid for the ticket. My summary of current driving the DMV list that I have nothing on my record. Steer Clear I just got good ways off the driver in the mail. Am I still eligible? Would an insurance company know about my ticket?