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Whose fault is it when a moving car hits a parked car's door? related questions

  • 1Whose fault is it when a moving car hits a parked car's door?

    He was sitting in a parked car , opened the door about 5 "and a car coming down the street crashed into it. The officer said it was my fault , so was to open the door. However, the car that hit my door revolved around a double-parked car , so I do not see it coming . In addition , the driver of another car had no license. I'm in upstate New York.

  • 2Whose fault if car A is recently parked, and car B pulls in and hits door? ?

    Who is to blame if the car is parked a little , and B car stops and knocks on the door ? ?

  • 3Who's at fault when a parked car door is hit by moving vehicle?

    I was entering a parking space , when suddenly the door opened the passenger that the passenger would exit the vehicle. I hit the edge of the door. There was no damage to your vehicle , however , my vehicle bumper is damaged. She apologized and told me to get an estimate and she would pay the damages. Since the incident, spoke to his insurance company told him it was my fault and I am responsible. Am I liable for this accident?

  • 4I was parked and opening my car door when a car turned in to park to my right and hit my door. Whose fault?

    My damage is moderate. His is negligible. I live in Michigan, a no-fault state . She thinks I should pay for half of their compensation. I think you should pay for mine. Who is right ?

  • 5If some hits my car door is it my fault?

    I was parked on the side of the road , I checked my mirror when I opened the door of another car turned the corner at full speed knocking on the door of my car , with its headlight and wing, this accident is my fault?

  • 6I was parked and my door which was slightly open was hit by a moving car?

    I was parked and beaten by a moving car while the door is opened

  • 7If you open your car door and another vehicle hits it, whose fault is it?

    I live in Saskatchewan , Canada, if that helps. I figured that may differ by jurisdiction.

  • 8Who would be at fault if in parking lot stopped letting son out in right lane and another driver hits my door?

    I was in the school parking lot where cars turn right and left depending on where they stopped letting me my son was in the lane to turn right and another car stopped behind to try to go around me and also go to the right, hit my children had just assumed door.She said he would turn left , because I saw my son in the car.It was not a stop sign just have to leave to wait for traffic.

  • 9I parked my car at a private parking lot in NJ. I opened my cars door, heavy wind blew it and hit a car.?

    As I parked my car in a private parking ANP in New Jersey, and opened the door of my car , a strong wind blow wide open and hit the car next to mine. causing a dent conditions - Wind strong>, due to Hurricane Irene brought the total of open. The other car (unfortunately , a BMW ) had a dent the size of about 5 cm on the top of the door. Police arrived and spoke and wrote a report. What you said last is that it was my fault. (No tickets were issued ). What I know some friends to a family is that - Lots > private parking in New Jersey is the fault zone. -> Paste the other car the way I did it was not my fault , but some kind of nature as if it were a shopping cart that hit the woman's car . So my question is. , Is in case anyone experienced anything like this? What happened? Will my insurance increase even though my car is not moving? How to be 5 points on my insurance? These things are stressing me . ! so got damn annoyed with myself for letting the wind take over the fucking door. Thanks for your answers . Sam

  • 10If a car backs out from a driveway and hits a moving vehicle, whose fault is it?

    I just got in an accident where a car pulled out of his way and knocked my passenger side while driving on the street. Whose fault is it? I have fear that somehow the situation will be twisted to make it look like it was my fault. Thank you !

  • 11My car was hit while parked. There're 2 other moving cars involved. Who to blame?

    My car was beaten while parked on the road by a car on that road. However, he denied responsibility for the loss of my saying there was another car with the support of the road that changed your driving , so his car hit my parked car. They are now fighting each other and none of their insurance want to settle with me. Just have a responsibility in my car. I decided to do sth for me before the small claims court . So my question is who to sue ? Should the car be physically in contact with my car or both?

  • 12Car parked, doors open to exit. Vehicle drove into our door and was damaged. Who's fault?

    We parked our car and going out to dinner. There were four of us in the car and my husband and I went first. I was the driver, but the car was parked and my 12 year old niece and disabled mother went out the back door and a passenger vehicle was at a high rate of speed and semi knocked on the door of my car causing damage to your vehicle, but not mine. The woman driving the other car had a dog in her lap while she was driving and continued to roll into the parking space next to ours. It was a miracle that the mother and her niece not hurt trying to get out of the vehicle. She was very upset that indicates that the door opened and she had no time to react when, in fact, the door was already open, but it was not patient enough to wait, she knocked on my door. I called the police because he refused to give insurance information, even thought my car suffered only minor injuries. His vehicle had a broken headlight and hood bent slightly upward. He said that since we were on private property we had to fill our own statements to the police and gave form to complete. He said insurance companies know what are the forms and there was nothing I could do. I was quietly advising the officer what had happened and she continued to call me a liar. The officer almost got tired of it and advised that insurance companies will have to resolve this. I do not want to call my insurance company, because nothing happened to my car and the officer stated that it seemed that it was not my fault, but was unable to complete a police report because it was on private property. No one was injured in the incident, and while we were talking to the officers, said his daughter hurt her knee and so on. I tried to find a video of the incident since we were in the parking lot of a restaurant and were told they only had cameras in the dining area and not in the parking lot. Information about auto insurance after finally changed his account officer he needed information. At this time,