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Can you go into the emergency room without any identification or proof of who you are and still get treatment? related questions

  • 1Can you go into the emergency room without any identification or proof of who you are and still get treatment?

    If you were in a distant city, with nothing on you , but the clothes on his back, and say , got in a bad fight with someone on the street and broke some bones , which the ER is taken in without know who you are ? No need to have identification and that all or what help foreigners , provided they pay?

  • 2What typically happens if someone goes to the emergency room and gets treatment there but does not have?

    insurance and can not afford to pay the bill. Does the hospital will usually try to sue or send them to a collection agency ? How do hospitals usually deal with this issue ?

  • 3When a person who can't afford health insurance goes to the hospital emergency room for medical treatment and

    can not afford to repay the money , who pays for that?

  • 4I went to Emergency room for pneumonia . I have insurance -Bill was $3000 for room and $500 for physician?

    How can you justify charging so much for a visit ? This is part of the problem with health care . I was there for a couple of hours , taking into account the requirements and sent home.HOW can get away with charging so much and does it bother you ( other workers ) that people on welfare and free medical and dental care when we pay for plus they have to pay this amount ?

  • 5What do you in a dental emergency? Do you go to the regular emergency room or what?

    What you do in a dental emergency ? Do you go to the emergency room regularly or what?

  • 6Please tell me if i need to go to the emergency room?

    I caught a cold last week, has recently developed an ear infection , then hurt a lot , but started draining and I felt better , no more pressure . Anyway, it's been almost three days have been draining , and I mean all day, non-stop, even when I'm walking around. Clearly dripping down my earlube . Do I need to be seen , I have no doctor ... Or is my ear doing what it takes to heal a bit ?

  • 7Does "working papers" recieve any points FOR PROOF OF NAME from the DMV for AN IDENTIFICATION CARD?

    I live in New York, and you will be getting my ID card THIS MONDAY, and I have done , to test the name so far, SSNC = 2 , W2 = 1, Health Insurance = 1, and also a debit = 1 ? (Not sure if you have card db ) so far that's five points , I need six years , and I wondered if the papers have any points. Also I have the folowing 3 questions debit card gets a point as a credit card ? I can also use my own parents utilty , bank statement or pay stub, if you come with me ? how long it takes for the ID card to get ? any information is appreciated ! Thank you ! !

  • 8Emergency room bill!!! Help?

    I have no health insurance I thought I was in a clinic , but I think it was an ER I felt like I had the flu, but it turned out to be the first signs of the flu and the doctor just said " drink lots of water and gets lots of rest in the coming days " and left. I know the ER cost much more than a clinic . Bill what I'm seeing in this ER vist . im in Lumberton , NJ . $ 600 $ 700 $ 1,000 : ( oh god ..

  • 9I have a 104 fever, should I go to the emergency room?

    I've had this fever for the past two days and is not getting better . What will people do in the hospital for fever if I go there ? The problem is you really can not afford to go to the emergency room because they do not have health insurance

  • 10If you walk out of the emergency room without being seen yet?

    So I went to the emergency room because today I have what I'm guessing was food poisoning and could not even keep water down, but after half an hour of waiting in the waiting room , I decided to go because it would be more comfortable at home. My question is if my insurance or be billed initially just to check , but I did not see a doctor or anything yet?

  • 11I might have to go to the emergency room, but I have no insurance?

    I just got a secure job, but that does not come into play until the first ... Last night I had a fever of 102.2, and this morning I took my temperature around 11 and it was 103.2, I just took my temperature and is at 100 . My boyfriend think you may have swine flu , now my question is if I go to the emergency room with a sure how much it will cost ?

  • 12Emergency room is sending me home?

    With a major oral infection . They havent and used to give me antibiotics while here . I have no money to buy medicine with or secure. Suggestions pls ? Also used to give me more pain medication . The last time I got 4mg dilauded , this time by two shots 1mg intramuscular 0.5 .