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HELP! Unemployment appeal hearing in Georgia? related questions

  • 1HELP! Unemployment appeal hearing in Georgia?

    ok . so I had an unemployment appeal hearing on December 18, 2008 . i filed the appeal because he initially denied benefits. on the day of the appeal , my former employer did not show up ( send a representative ). what should be the outcome of this case ? Has anyone ever had a situation like this occur in the state of Georgia (or any other state )? I've had people tell me that since (former employer) bears the burden of proof in the appeal hearing , which was not submitted , the original denial should be reversed and awarded benefits. Is this the case? Please share your experiences and comments. thanks !

  • 2What happens if an employer does not attend an appeal hearing for Unemployment Insurance in the state of Georgia

    What if an employer fails to attend an appeal hearing for unemployment insurance in the state of Georgia

  • 3How can I win my unemployment appeal hearing?

    I recently fired from my job because he said I came with a "wrinkled shirt." This was not the case at all, and to make a long story of the management at my previous job because I do not like to date them, sleep with them, so that an employee had been exemplorary with this company for 4 years, never comes Later, always receiving compliments from the guests (who was a server in a restaurant), always doing the work of others as a slow (tables to sit, run bar drinks, desserts, food, cleaning, line counters planting , etc.), while the servers who slept with managers did nothing but stand around and BS, and they were terrible at work I have always planned sections that make money. (If you have ever been a server at a restaurant in great company that knows what I mean.) Meanwhile, I always gave the sections reserved for ameteurs could not handle a large number of tables. Obviously this had nothing to do with my job performance and everything to do with my desire to be professional and not sleep my way into better sections. Needless to say, the managers of the thesis were corrupt. They had absolutely no reason to fire me. Over the years I have written up to the most trivial things, claiming that the shirt was too big or apron was dirty, none of which was true, however, told me that unless he signed the deed until he found work . I tried to find another job, but obviously, in this economy did not have much luck, so just accept that I had to deal with this treatment if I wanted to keep my job. I have been receiving unemployment benefits for about a month. I received a letter a few days ago saying that my ex-employer has appealed, and may have a hearing. My question is, do they use these write-ups against me? How I can win this? These people are corrupt and greedy snakes. One thing that I think may be important is that I do not remember signing anything, when I got fired. The day you told me to leave my shirt was "wrinkled" I'm pretty sure that I write. Any help is appreciated, is so difficult to find a job right now.

  • 4How likely will win unemployment appeal hearing this week?

    I have worked on every call as housekepper full time on site What happened was all the cleaning housewife scrubbing the grout 3-5 a day for 4 days with housekeeping and cleaning my turn Saturday with my partner work I told the front desk that I can not work tomorrow coz I'm bleeding heavily and had constant menstruation desk and said that going forward told the boss .. After 3 days I talked to my boss that I am ready to work even give me the hours or days 3 and I ask my condition .. She said I need a doctor's note to return to work. This time I have no health insurance and she knows it. I apply for health and PAC for me to get quotes to be processed first if I am eligible and while applying insurance'm applying different places and no time to see my boss .. Sometimes I keep it with the help of my colleague saying that I am able to work But she ignored me, that's why I filed the week of January edd and apply different jobs, but no luck .. She told edd I'm on vacation. Attitude Boss: Rude spoke with her and some of my co-worker and ask for more and say something with attitude before, when I'm still working if possible next week and told me that you can have a week off or unpaid forever salary that you want .... My supervisor crying often their attitudes and some fear the boss, which is staffed all the time, sometimes there is a client of a coworker around she had an attitude. My coworker recently reached completion same boss. I have appeal hearing this week and I do not want to see his face. My boss coworker said I have to come to work decided to tell my colleague that I have to report to work coz edd letter arrived and I can call her my phone off to call my phone and my bf Bf said his boss has talked to her attitude when .. Any help .. suggestions ... thanks

  • 5After my unemployment appeal hearing in CO, how long will it take to get a decision?

    I was denied my claim and unemployment had a hearing last week . How long does it take to Colorado for a decision?

  • 6Appeal DENIED for 2 parking tickets, i do not want 2 pay, im going 2 the hearing, if they deny again what are?

    Appeal Denied for 2 parking tickets, I do not want two incomes , two im going to the hearing, if he refuses again what are my options?

  • 7In CA. My unemployment Insurance ended. Dont qualify for emergency unemployment, help me appeal.?

    is the emergency unemployment rate as well as the extension of regular unemployment benefits ? I have the user interface for about 3 to 4 months. now his weary , how I can get an extension ? I received a letter saying I was not entitled to emergency unemployment compensation because: - I have not won 40times my weekly payment or 1.5 times higher quarterly I worked for about 7 months , 25 hours part time. What I can do for me to get an extension?

  • 8Will I receive unemployment if I appeal my right for unemployment?

    I have been put in a situation by my employer, that has stop my career for 6 month, do to an accident with a tractor trailer which was not my falt but giving the case I was giving the falt. I appeal my case apound the accident and apound the right for unemployment. My question, if you have any coment please be free to access me. My question,will I receive unemployment?

  • 9Nys unemployment hearing help?

    I was not aware of Thar I had to tell the user interface New York State was in school before you start taking classes ... Seeking feet WRK , meanwhile , only on campus Mon n frm married with 3 to 9 ... I asked for an application of 599 to two or three weeks after the start of classes, as they have taken away my benefits and pay they want to be hidden on the grounds that he was in school and I am not able to accept work while at school . I collect partial UI and did not deny hours of my current job and am willing to not go to school if I can get a job m. How I can have an opportunity at the hearing?

  • 10Drivers License Appeal Hearing?has any body got there driver license back with out a lawyer?

    Driver License Appeal Hearing ? Has any body got the license to drive back to a lawyer?

  • 11Unemployment insurance hearing -- tips?

    My IU claim was rejected by my employer , so it appealed and will go into next week 's hearing . I live in the state of New Mexico , if that makes a difference . I admit to having made ​​mistakes at work, but it's a high pressure job , and no one , not even rock stars , go without making mistakes from time to time . I had a run of mistakes last summer, and was paroled . Since then , I've had a fair amount of errors , that if other workers had to error rate , which could be promoted . However, because of the mistakes happened after a trial period perfectly free of errors , which was released on parole again. Again, I did well , but I was told the following error would have left me . My argument is that there was no reasonable way to recover from such errors eruption last summer. They said ( and written ) that thought I was a hard worker in general, and would not let me go - they talked about promoting me later in the year . However, to keep my job , I should have worked perfectly for four , five, six months, a worker of a feat never achieved in 500 at any time. The businessman said he was fired for misconduct , but mistakes were honest , good faith . My question is : what do you think I have a chance of success of the appeal ? How will the hearing be biased towards an employer ? Is there any place I have to do , or avoid doing to have a bug in my favor ? Thank you !

  • 12Need Help!!! My unemployment insurance is being contested and I have to go to a hearing, but I just got hired.?

    I just got hired for a new job so I have yet to attend this hearing ? I also heard that if I lose I have to pay that money back , which is bad because they take that money from my social security and besides I have no intention of paying a dime . So now I have a new job there still need to collect unemployment insurance , what else I can do in this situation ? ? ? ? ?