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I received an old doctor's bill that is 2 years old - do I have to pay? related questions

  • 1First bill received is 1 1/2 years after the service was received?

    I received a bill from a medical group that I have never heard of last week. They say the service date was June 19, 2008 - almost a year and a half ago . I called today to request an itemized bill and the name of the doctors - none of which I remembered during the phone call . Made the name of my doctor correct sender . They explained that my insurance billed 4 times and the bill was sent to the coinsurance you owe . Can they really charged me 1 1/2 years after the date of service ? It is the first statement I received from them . I'm not even with the insurance company over and no way to reconcile the claim. Thank you !

  • 2I received an old doctor's bill that is 2 years old - do I have to pay?

    I have received a prior medical bill is 2 years old - do I have to pay?

  • 3I revisited my doctors office today, and they told me I had a balance of $225. But I received a prevntive svc

    I've had a colposcopy and cervical biopsy that was under the impression that it was preventive tests and I would not have to pay anything. Is there a way to get my money back , either the doctor or insurance ?

  • 4Do I have to pay a bill from over two years from a 2010 chiropractic bill from 2009?

    A car insurance company paid to a physician for services rendered from a car accident four years ago . I asked him to accept that amount was paid in full what it said yes too.ii stopped seeing his two and a half years ago. Suddenly started receiving a bill for two months for a balance . I live in Silverdale.WA . What are my rights here?

  • 5I received a council tax bill of

    I recently received a Council Tax Demand Notice ( dated 12 May 2012) for the period April 2002 - July 2004 with a payment due of

  • 6You have insurance but you still received a bill Why

  • 7Have not received bill for medical insurance

    Bill did not receive health insurance

  • 8Has anyone received their payment for the Post 911 GI Bill yet?

    Has anyone received their payment for the post 911 GI Bill yet?

  • 9Received $500 bill from lab for blood tests done 5 months ago?

    I had two blood tests in June and last week received a $ 500 bill from the laboratory. I called the insurance dispute the charges and was told that the lab had made ​​a claim with the wrong order in my name, middle name, last name and middle name and first as last . I called the lab about the error and confirmed my name was right , as appeared in my account. Both sides claim the other party was at fault. What should I do ? Should I go ahead and pay the bill because the bill is long ? Or will it ruin my credit history if you wait for this problem can be corrected? This is my first time with my own health insurance and I'm not sure what to do .

  • 10Medical Bill received over a year later- do I have any recourse?

    I just received a bill for almost a year and a half later . The doctors office said the car insurance provider picked up some of it , but the balance is still a little over $ 700 and want to get paid . At that time , I gave them the secure ( important health insurance ) but according to his office manager, and my insurance company , the doctors office did not file the complaint " timely " , so which was denied . The doctor is trying to argue that they thought the first insurance (car ) would cover everything. From the beginning they both insurance cards, but only had one . They specifically told them to do what they had to do to ensure that I had to pay for example , subjecting both to ensure that something like "surprise " was not going to happen . They assured me it would be fine , but apparently now it is not. At this point , what do you recommend I do the following steps as a responsible and prudent ? for example , 1. Make a very small monthly payment " in good faith " until this is resolved ? 2. Aggravating this law as soon as possible and try to get it dismissed in small claims court ? 3. Just pay? I'm sure that had something signed by them that says ultimately, the patient is responsible for payment but still, it just seems wrong so I was wondering if anyone has any experience with such matters and why it takes a year and a half to get a medical bill ? Nobody wants to tell you how much it will cost things or how much insurance cover is ridiculous and, ultimately , it is the consumer who ends up paying . THANKS !

  • 11Why insurance policy ended but received bill, do I have to pay?

    My auto insurance policy over and you have paid in full when I signed . The company sent another "grace period " coverage bill . Now that the policy does not cover the period of time that is not established in the policy , the state can the insurance company covering even after the policy period and charge? The company says it is required by state law . Do I have to pay this bill that is not politics ? Thank you.

  • 12Why Do Many Doctors Dislike This Healthcare Bill?

    In the United States , why many doctors do not like this health bill ? Is not going to benefit the patient and the doctor?