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Can a 19 year old college student apply for medicaid? related questions

  • 1Can a 19 year old college student apply for medicaid?

    Can a 19 years old college apply for Medicaid ?

  • 2As a part time college student, where should I apply to work?

    I am 21 yrs old and live in Montebello, CA. I am looking for a part time or full time job close to home. I attend college part time. I have close to 3 yrs of experience in the Customer Service field. My last two as a CSR for Farmers Insurance. I have experience conducting online auto quotes. I am looking for a stable job which I can invest my interpersonal skills in. A job which would provide me with opportunities for advancement. Yes I can sit around and wait, hope for an email from an employer who came across my resume on monster or snagajob, but I am not the type to sit around and wait for opportunities. I go looking for them. So any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • 3Can a 20 yr old college student get medicaid for health insurance?

    Her dad is on disability and her mother has left and is living in another state. She gets financial aid and grants. Right now she has no health insurance at all.

  • 4Florida Medicaid coverage for college student?

    Only recently graduated high school in southwest Florida, and that will be attending the Florida State University in the fall. I come from low income families (who receive food stamps , you also get all the Pell Grant ) and I am currently covered by Medicaid for my parents as a dependent. When I go to the former Soviet Union , is there any way that can still be classified as a dependent under my parents and may continue to receive Medicaid coverage ? My parents are both in their sixties , and both withdrew.

  • 5My 22 year old a FT college student will be claiming himself this year can I still claim him for EIC purposes?

    I meet all the criteria for EIC, but am not sure if he must be a dependent. I am planning to file single I don't think I can use HOH. He lives at school but does live with me during school breaks. He is on my medical insurance and his car is in my name and under my car insurance. Thanks for any help.

  • 6My son-19- is a full time college student.His Ga peach care insurance ends august 3.can he get medicaid?

    He is receiving student aid in the form of scholarships and the pell grant for low-income families. I don't want him to be without insurance coverage. His only income is back child support that will end in a few months. What are my choices? Please help. Thank you. I only receive disability income from social security disability.

  • 7Is this a Good Car for a 21 year old college student?

    I'm planning to buy a 2005 Honda Civic Sedan, Automatic. How will it be on insurance? I'm also considering Chevrolet Cavalier/ Pontiac Sunfire of the same 2004-2005 year, because I've been told they're better on insurance, and cheaper cars in general, to maintain. I live in Canada. Any suggestions?

  • 8Health Insurance for a 19 Year Old College Student?

    Hello , I live in Oklahoma . Currently I am covered by my parents insurance until the end of February. My father was fired from his job and is now divorcing my mother . I have to find my own health insurance . I must find a plan with a lower deductible ? I have a full time job and take care of all my other bills . I have not a lot of extra money to waste my paychecks. I have anxiety

  • 9Am I supposed to have Medi-Cal (18 year old college student)?

    I live in California and just turned 18 years old. I like my company Kaiser Permanente health / insurance (courtesy of Healthy Families) , but left my Healthy Families coverage just before my 18th birthday . Today, I received a package containing one of Anthem Blue Cross Medi -Cal ID card. I never applied , and I think ( not 100 % sure ) that people Healthy Families apply to me . My family is low income , and I have an older brother who is 20 and not covered under Medi -Cal ( have health insurance from your university ). Am I supposed to have this coverage, when my brother does not? What exactly is Medi- Cal ( the manual you sent me was in a Vietnamese , I only speak English: P)? I'll call tomorrow , I just wanted to get an idea of what Medi- Cal .

  • 10I am 20 year old college student and my parents insurance is trying to cut me out of their plan...?

    I have 20 and am a sophomore in college at Indiana University . I worked part time ( almost full in the summer) in the local movie theater for almost 4 years. My insurance plan parents sent us a letter saying that if my employer ( AMC Theatres ) offers an insurance plan that I can not be in the plan of my father. I work maybe 15 hours a week at school in the AMC, and your insurance plan is clearly not a viable option. His plan is essentially in place so that the company can say " Yes, we do in fact offer health insurance ." I know no one involved in the company actually used b / c it is not economically useful . This is huge for me because it is possible that could happen to a supervisory role of the company next year. Basically , what I'm asking is even legal in the company of my father's insurance to try to implement your plan before age 26 ? Especially when my work is nowhere near full time and I'ma full time student in college. Both seem willing to nix insurance companies inevitably attempt to screw me over . Please help if you know anything about this. Thanks , - Matt Goodwin

  • 11I'm a 20 year old college student who has never owned a car. For my new job this summer, I need reliable.....

    transportation. I've asked for my dad's assistance to purchase my own car, but it just seems like he's too busy to help me. How can I find a car and a good insurance plan within the next month? I'm not looking to spend a whole lot on my car because I just don't have all the money in the world.

  • 12Can an 18 year old/college student stay on parents auto insurance?

    I have 17 years ( turning 18 in 8 months ) and my parents are very reluctant to let me get a car because insurance is increasing. I'm trying my license in a few weeks ( after almost two years of putting it off ... ) I will get a safe car , four door , probably a 2001 Chevy Malibu. I'll get the good grades discount , and it gave me a driving course in defensive line that I would get another 10 % , and I have a steady job and decent savings account and would be able to pay the difference in all insurance months. They still are not in your favor. So the first question , someone has some tips to get them to cool on this? I will be taking college classes at our local technology , while I'm still in high school, and then I go to school full time after graduation. My parents work opposite shifts and can not take all my classes constantly. I need a car, not only for independence, but for practicality . This brings me to my second question , once you turn 18 and am a full time student in college , I will still be able to be on your insurance ? Will that change if I move? Thank you !