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Does Medicaid Cover Plan B, The Morning After Pill? related questions

  • 1Does Medicaid Cover Plan B, The Morning After Pill?

    If I go to Walgreens or CVS or pharmacy like that .. ¿ I can show my Medicaid card and ask the pharmacist if I can get the pill card to cover and get it for free ? Or I have yet to pay because I'm really worried and a little broke and I think I can pay $ 60 like I live in Chicago, Illinois

  • 2How much would the co fee be if i was to purchase the plan b morning after pill with my insurance ? BCBS?

    How much is the share of cooperation if I was going to buy Plan B morning after pill with my insurance? Basel Committee ?

  • 3TRICARE HEALTH INSURANCE does it cover the morning after pill?

    I'm active duty Army because I have Tricare Remote live or work in a database . Army active duty pay for anything that has to do with medicine . doc vists nothing hyphens . So I have to pay for the morning after pill if I do the UH OH my girl

  • 4I was wondering will my insurance BCBS cover me if i use it to buy the PLAN B PILL ?

    I ask my insurance Basel Committee covers me if I use it to buy Plan B pill ?

  • 5How to obtain morning after pill?

    I have 17 years and in the state of Washington . Do I need a prescription? Am I old enough to pay for it ? If the boys 18.

  • 6Will I get pregnant if I have sex after I take the morning after pill?

    Okay so I was on birthcontrol for about 6 years and recently left a month ago due to loss of insurance ... me and my boyfriend had sex ( with a condom ) around 9 pm and broke in and I was scared and the next day around 4pm took ( Plan B ) pill ... and later that night around 12 am we had sex and the condom broke for the second time ( WTFFF! ! ) and I wanted not what the chances of me getting pregnant is ? considering it was on birth control for a while and just soooo out of it and I took the morning after pill .. please help Also I do not even need anyone telling me that I should not have sex before marrage .... Iam 20 years old and own my own time to complete homework and go to school four days a week and have honestly never had such a fright before, so who wants to lecture me you can go ahead and answer a question differnt

  • 7Morning after pill in USA WITHOUT HEALTH INSURANCE?

    Unprotectedddd had sex last night and I'm recently new to the U.S. and do not have health insurance , but I need the morning after pill ! CAN I GET WHAT I NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE

  • 8How do I get a morning after pill without health insurance?

    Do I just walk into a drugstore and purchase one or do I go to a Planned Parenthood? How much $?

  • 9Can I get the morning after pill at longs drugs in Hawaii if I'm under 17?

    I need to get the morning after pill. I checked and it said that in Hawaii, pharmacists are allowed to prescribe morning after pills to women of any age. Do I have to go to planned parenthood to get a prescription? Can I just get the pill over the counter at Longs Drugs? Can I get it for free if I have insurance? I'm 15 by the way, if that makes any difference.

  • 10Will the doctors notify my parents that their underage daughter went to the clinic for the morning-after pill?

    Will I need to give any information to them? Can I ask them to not tell my mother? Like, will this go on my medicare insurance or anything? I live in NY.

  • 11Will any gov. plan/program cover my past medical expenses (pregnancy related). We're applying for medicaid.

    Basically , they are in our heads with our accounts as private insurance does not cover my pregnancy vists hospitals , medical fees etc. and I will be more than $ 25,000 in debt. We are applying for Medicaid for my child to be immunized , but I am concerned about these costs and do not want to be in debt my whole life . Is there a program or anything that can help me with these bills . Any advice is appreciated , we are in a terrible, terrible situation , with little income and trucload account .

  • 12Abortion Pill and Plan B?

    Now I do not know where to start and I'm freakin out! I have 19 years , in college , and planning for radiologist . But I do not know if I can keep going because I think you might be pregnant . I recently had sex with my boyfriend and he never used a condom , no matter how many times I say too. I recently did about 3 weeks ago and had the feeling that he ejaculated in my vagina, so I took the Plan B pill , and started on the sides of the pill as abdominal pain , dizziness and fatigue . I take birth control , but I do not take it regularly, so I took the plan b pill . Recently we had sex in the afternoon and my boyfriend did not retire , so I took another pill plan b . Is there anything to take two pills together Plan B ? Also, I think I will have an existing pregnancy , for what Plan B pill might not work. I hear there abortion pills out there that cost around $ 300 - $ 600, but I do not want to be a mom at 20 because I 'm starting my life and going to college and also my mother will kill me . Recently I also live on my own , anyway , if I do end up getting an abortion can my insurance cover or not ?