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QMy dad's name is on the car title, does he need to buy my new tags?

My dad is the owner of my car, but I can make all the payments on it. I need new labels, and I do not know if I can buy myself, or if you have to be there because it is in the title.

We have the same address and last name if that makes a difference, and I sure know I 'm the one who drives it.
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#1GarAnswered at 2012-01-05 08:16:37
If you are using the car, you have to buy tags.
#2Billy Joe Answered at 2012-01-12 19:52:38
The person who is named in the title is the only person who can register the vehicle.
You have to have the title, vehicle inspection forms , and proof of insurance.
If two names appear on the title and / or between the names , only one person has to come in.
If two names are on the title with and between them, both people that come in.
-----< Br> Clarify this by calling your DMV within their county. There will be a charge, I think ( in my state ) there is a renewal cost 10 dollars plus the cost of the new label.
#3EldridaAnswered at 2012-03-30 02:38:33
That may depend entirely on state law. Add more information about your question , which specifies how much of the world is in
Here in Ohio , only the person whose name in the title tags can be purchased for the car.

PS Your father is screwed up . While you are paying all the money in this car , the rating of its parent credit is increasing. If you are just starting out in life , it is necessary to increase the credit to him. I know it was not your question, but I thought you should know.
#4CecillaAnswered at 2012-04-04 20:27:01
The difference is tat if he owned the car you have to pay more money for insurance. This is because you are younger, and especially if you have a few years of driving.
So using the name of his father gives him a better deal because they have a better credit score than you.

The above mentioned person must use his name to build your credit. You can do that , but be willing to pay more money. Talk to your insurance if you get no credit for pay , as both names are on it.
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My dad's name is on the car title, does he need to buy my new tags?

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