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Cost of registering an Oregon vehicle in California? related questions

  • 1Cost of registering an Oregon vehicle in California?

    I recently moved to the city of Cali. I have to get my Acura recorded here , does anyone know what it will cost ? Since I was a resident of Oregon when I bought the car, going to charge me California sales tax to register ? I did an online calculator and quoted me about $ 3K to do so. Is this right ? Not that I bought the car in Oregon , while I was living in California , I moved here 6 months after the car was purchased. Anyone?

  • 2Would registering a vehicle that hasn't been registered for about 3 years cost much in CA?

    I want to record my bike but not registered for 3 years. Would it cost a lot at the DMV ? I could also register if AAA would have insurance, you would think they would send in a registration form ?

  • 3How much does it cost to change your license plate's state from Oregon to California from a recently bought?

    car at the DMV

  • 4Will parking tickets from my old vehicle stop me from registering a new vehicle?

    This will seem very complicated, but here goes. Recently I was laid off from work and as a result my car has reppossed repposession advance before my ex-boyfriend was driving the car and got parking tickets ranging up to $ 800 . The same week I got hired at an incredible full-time job when my car is reppossed . My whole plan was to get caught with my car note , and get my ex to pay the tickets. but as I have the vehicle . I canceled my car insurance . My father, who felt sorry for me , I knew I needed a vehicle to get to school and work for my father brought me a new car. The problem is that I have yet to plate my old car , and got a new car. I do not want to transfer the plates on my car again, because they know they will require for me to pay for the tickets . I'm still trying to get my ex to pay, but meanwhile, I wanted to know if I go to the motor vehicle and give the old plates and request new plates I have to pay the tickets off the old plates to record my new car. (Reminder : I do not want the same plates ) I know this seems very complicated. I'm still trying to get my ex to pay the tickets. I've learned my lesson not to let anyone drive my car. But the advice anyway , please. Is there any way to get around this , over time if my ex is not going to have to pay , but I have to register this vehicle

  • 5How much does it cost to register a vehicle in california?

    Used car between $ 1,000 - $ 2,000 to give a ballpark figure

  • 6How much does it cost to change vehicle arizona plates and register them to california?

    Hello , I purchased a 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo. the problem is that it has Arizona plates . I wonder what it would cost to register and get plates in California and change the title to my name. the car is sold for $ 16,000, has 70,000 miles on the odometer. additional information from others is that the vendors are Chinese and taken to return to China in 4 days, so they need to sell the car as soon as possible . they must come with me to the DMV for the transfer? or will the title alone do? a good estimate will be very helpful !

  • 7Registering your car in California?

    What does it cost to register a vehicle outside the state of California?

  • 8Buy car in Oregon or California?

    I'm going to California for 9 months, but needs a new car. I currently live in Oregon and I'm totally on the fence about whether I will stay in California after 9 months. So I'm not sure how it works in California , it's better if I buy the car here in Oregon and down? Or fly to buy a car there , but does that mean you have to have a California driver's license ? I do not want to change my license or anything that I could return to Oregon .

  • 9Registering an ex-police car in California?

    Do I need to do anything special to register a police car in Southern California, says ex if "the police before" in the pink slip ? or it costs more to register than any other car ? P71 complete the package. Rear seats are plastic bumpers , the search ( push bar ) , lights, and flashing lights in the head

  • 10Registering a vehicle in tx? ?

    I just bought a vehicle in Idaho. I am a resident of Texas. I have a temperature of 30 days. That did not charge me sales tax . How do I register the car in TX? And I have to pay no road tax ?

  • 11Registering My Vehicle...?

    Which currently still has some money in my car , which is the name of my father and mine . However, his name is on the first car. I am moving from MD to the Palestinian Authority and will have to register my vehicle there. How I can go about doing this since my father will live in MD?

  • 12Registering my vehicle?

    I moved from Hawaii to the mainland. My truck is registered in Hawaii and expires in March. My question is, so I can register my new state? or should I re-register in Hawaii, because I have plans to return in about 6-8 months? I really do not want to change my plates , do I have to?