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Road test in New York: Long Island- HAUPPAUGE? related questions

  • 1Road test in New York: Long Island- HAUPPAUGE?

    I take the road test tomorrow in Hauppauge , Long Island. I was wondering if someone took your driving test there, and where you are driving. It is next to the State Office Building , 250 Veterans Memorial Hwy . , Parking in front? That was the description on the website of the New York State DMV , but I can not find on google maps. The most difficult areas or situations? Things to consider ? (Usually not about driving , but on the test site for concrete road ) Any advice would be very useful! ! Preferably people who actually took the road test at the site of Hauppauge. THANKS !

  • 2How much is it for car insurance for a 17 year old in long island new york?

    my mom had a 2002 agreement that Honda just bought a week ago and we have to get insured, but she does not have a permit or license has expired bc your permission in the year 2010, so now he wants to do is , getting a car insurance in my name. Im gonna be 18 in early June. and I have my permission.

  • 3Cost Of Delivery In New York or Long Island - Urgent?

    HiGuy Urgent need sincere help My wife is 34 weeks and is in Long U.S. island with a visit visa Indian passport , since she is 34 weeks she can not fly backwards and has to deliver in the U.S. , she has no insurance niether plenty of cash I can handle is to send its approx USD 2500 that is the maximum you can afford, safe delivery can be made at this cost without insurance because she can not return to India , what would be the approx cost as none of the hospitals give u an estimate the phone as you can not go hunting much . clinics are safe to deliver and how much they charge , is there some kind of medical aid provided to tourists in the U.S. visas to visit? Please answer .... Worried Husband

  • 4Where can I get the cheapest car insurance on a permit In long island new york?

    I was not sure my car and I'm 19 and a male lol

  • 5Transporting a car bought in new york city to long island with no plates?

    Besides securing a trailer .. How I can do this without license plates or insurance ? I know you can get a temporary plate , but the thing is I go and collect it in place. I can not get a temporary plate at the same time cause im buying, then drive home. It is a bill of sale and title good enough for me to get home , if I stop ? Could you tell an officer I just bought the car?

  • 6In New York State, Long Island, what is the weekly take home pay for a salary of $70,000 a year?

    In New York , Long Island , which is the weekly take home a salary of $ 70,000 a year ?

  • 7In long island new york, what does it cost per square foot to build a house?

    I need this information to calculate premiums for home insurance .

  • 8Junior License/ Senior License New York State(Long Island)?

    I have 16 years of age about to get my permission. And I read that if you pass the road test within 6 months of receiving your permission , you get a junior license in which you can only drive to school or work. Is this true ? What is the difference between a junior and senior license ?

  • 9How many points can you get on road test in New York?

    How many points I can get off to spend ?

  • 10Can u show me how to do a 3.0 turn for new york road test?

    U can teach me to do a rotation of 3.0 for the road test new york ?

  • 11New York State Road Test Question?

    I take my driving test and failed. I understand all I have to discount points (and hopefully will do them next time) , apart from this: Parking, support, and U -Turn Can not park correctly 15 I assumed he was referring to parallel park , but mine looked good, and the instructor did not say anything about it. So I can only guess it had to do to pull to the curb after the test was over ... in which case , it seems a bit ridiculous ... I wonder if anyone knows if it refers to parallel park ? If so I will practice more, but I really thought mine was fine.

  • 12Health Insurance in New York (Long Island). I am 32 year old healthy, single male. I need health insurance.?

    And I'm not making tons of money . Anyone help me with the name of the company and how much it will cost per month . thanks