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I failed my driver's permit test three times? related questions

  • 1Do I have to retake Drivers Ed if I failed The PERMIT test THREE times?

    I took Drivers Ed in grade 10 I have 18 years now. I do not, for the third time months. I get very nervous doing deterimine proof that a very important aspect of my life. I freeze and just think too idk why ... But does anyone know ? I live in Virginia , anyway?

  • 2I failed my driver's permit test three times?

    I took my driver's license test three times and not all of them in the image of it. I read the manual cover to cover twice, and studied the picture section several times ( it was the same each time the DMV). They told me that when he tried to take the time of the fourth and last hope I had to go to a driver improvement course . Am I the only person who finds that ridiculous? Anyway, is there any way I can take the exam without having to pass the course? I live in Virginia.

  • 3Failed drivers test, permit expires soon?

    Today, I took the driving test in Indiana and not: ( The lady told me I could take it again in two weeks, but I realized my license expires in exactly two weeks that day , I will not be able to take because. I'll be out of town . Do you think there is any way to take it one day before I may, and before my permit expires? really do not want to take the written test again ...

  • 4I failed my drivers permit test! Confusing question?

    Im so pissed off NOW! I failed my permit test drivers, and I missed the last question on the part of the signs! The answer does not even make sense. The signal was the "Y " sign of what it means to bear left or right ( according to the book ). So I was confused between two options, A: " Turn left or right, because highway begins ." B: " Turn left or right, because it divides the road ends. " So , I got one, but it was B! I was like WTF! RU kidding. Still do not understand how B. Can someone explain ?

  • 5I failed my drivers permit test! Confusing question?


  • 6I have failed my driving test 5 times. And have experienced 1 terminated test. I have another test in 2 weeks ?

    I am very scared. Every time that I do not think I can not drive.

  • 7I'm 17 and a half, I failed drivers ed, and I live in California. Can I take the test to get my permit?

    My friend told me recently that I could come and take the written test to get my permission . Is this true ? As I said earlier , I failed my drivers education class in my freshman year , I live in California, and currently I am 17 and half years. Do not have to wait until you're 18 , unless drivers ed ?

  • 8I failed my driving test 6 times?

    So its been a little over a month since my driving test six, I have my seventh coming in the next few weeks. I do not understand why I keep failing , my uncle is an advanced driving instructor to teach people and he says that my driving skills are much better than some of his students who have been driving for years. I can easily make my moves just fine. I've been driving for over 18 months. In all my tests I've only got among children 3-5. The first test I thought it was a disaster. The examiner for some reason crashed very hard during the breaks as he approached a roundabout, because she thought I was going out in front of an oncoming vehicle , I said what are you doing? with which they ignored me . Further proof that no, because I waited 10 seconds at a stoplight on a busy course, I went into a kind of daze, something I can not see as a serious problem to be honest. I just think it has to be down to nerves , although it has been suggested in jest by some of my colleagues that that test in a sporty Abarth Punto this could influence a decision of the examiners on how I can after a test drive , what do you think? I do have to admit I am a very nervous person when it comes to certain things , some things that can stand as well as the University examinations, etc. And I love driving I can not give it up or from my parents must have easily pass easily

  • 9Failed my driving test 3 times now!..?

    I am a good driver and insurance , I had 45 lessons , each lesson my instructor tells me too in the book for my test, go over everything fails . But when it comes to my test I'm wrong , is this due to the trust ? if so , how come I can more ?

  • 10I'm 17 and failed my driving test 3 times?

    I am so so upset , I was about 35 lesson and I am honestly confident and safe driver , my instructor tells me I'm driving very well. 3 times I've failed because they make stupid mistakes , like taking the bus, he is about to get away , it's just silly when you think . Another thing is that I can not concentrate for long. Please please help. I'm about to give up and mourn all day. thanks

  • 11I failed my driving test 6 times, should i give up?

    I failed my driving test for the 6, the time when the same test center . In all tests I have major faults. The proof of 5 ° was the best yet. I not only a major fault. Although I felt like going into a corner and I managed to give up composing and brush. But just not to have 2 major flaws . My driving instructor said that my driving is fine and expects me to pass. Now I'm thinking about changing the test center becuase they 've been going to has a very low approval rating and the new one is suggesting is an easier route , with an approval rating higher. I am afraid that I will not be able to adapt to the new route and fail again . Part of me is saying to continue the testing center and part of me is saying to give up completely . I really feel beaten again this time . What should I do ?

  • 12What happens if i failed my written test for a motorcycle 2 times in nj?

    I failed my written test twice. How long do I wait to take it again and what will happen if I fail three times and for how long I have to wait to take it again