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QMy friend wrecked my car, will my insurance cover me? help!!!?

My friend drove my car which was stopped and decided to take off ! He hit two cars , mine was a bus stop and demolished ! I think your DL could be suspended. I have the maximum coverage ins . with General (CA ) and have been "investigating" my claim for a month, I do not know what to do! He was suspended with a valid DL vs me vs. you give permission without permission, or what is not named in my application / politics (he doesn't live in my house) the factors that determine my ins. covering any damage or not? Or because I was getting would be legal to only cover the liability of the minimal state ? I do not know what to do and my ins. is avoiding me , I know I will try anything to not pay! I need my car! : ( Help!
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#1Kid Lightning Answered at 2011-12-30 17:21:11
You need a better class of "friends" and a lawyer, a drunk driver suspension or voids any insurance coverage in most jurisdictions , the owner of the vehicle is 100 % responsible for damages , which means the 2 cars , the car and the bus stop .
#2~*u*r*d*1*4*me*~ Answered at 2011-12-31 21:33:12
Your insurance is preventing you , who are completing research coverage and responsibility, and this can take time. Generally , a denial of coverage of the needs of a comprehensive training needs approval by an examiner of the Office. It's not something that occurs overnight. Believe it or not, the insurance company is looking to fill , not to deny coverage.

If you gave permission to use your vehicle 's boyfriend , and is not a normal user , then he and they should be covered. However , there may be an exclusion in its policy , which refers to the denial of coverage of collision when the driver is avoiding the police.

If you gave him permission to use the vehicle, which will be responsible for all damages to property and who was the owner of the vehicle. Your insurer will cut the limits of their responsibility, but is unlikely. Sounds like he did much damage , and damage may exceed the limits of your policy. If you have an automatic cover for your account , you must report the loss to your insurance company . Your liability coverage will begin when "the primary surplus ."

If he took the vehicle without a license and not reported stolen, your liability coverage can also be reduced to mandatory limits for CA as well.

If you dispute the decision of the insurance company , read your policy to see if you have an arbitration clause. You may have to consult a lawyer.
#3KayAnswered at 2012-01-01 21:07:16
Never lend your car to ANYONE !!!!!!!< br>
your insurance is probably not pay anything. He gave permission to a driver who foolishly unliscened led a high-speed chase with police and damage to property.

You may be responsible for damage caused.
#4Pingpongcham Answered at 2012-01-03 17:55:01
I'm surprised your insurance company has taken so long to say no to cover. Even if you are with your friend permission to drive your car if you had no license and knew, that use their car to commit a crime. Everything that happened after adding the error and all additional offenses . In the eyes of the insurance company , a vehicle destroyed during the commission of a crime that had full knowledge of ... ie , the car was stolen before he ran from the police, then you are responsible. They look the same as if you were driving and wrecked his car while fleeing police. You are responsible. Indeed, the general is usually for people who have trouble getting insurance for large companies. Therefore, its policy is probably in danger of being canceled as well.
#5BergeAnswered at 2012-01-05 02:51:33
I really suck like the first person who said they never give anyone your car insurance company used to pay, since driving the car interrupted .... it was a pretty silly in his party and his party friends should have had the brains enough to not run from the cops and not what an idiot liscnese no affence but do not know how it works in different states .. a month, that's a fairly long time, but that's all your fault for letting him take his car never let anyone use your car .. if hes not in his car as an owner or part owner of the insurance company is gunna look into that and I can not lie ... wants to say, but received a small chance that you've covered now I hope the lesson learned
#6EltoAnswered at 2012-01-05 18:54:08
You're ruining your boyfriend car must be covered by " uninsured motorist " ... But with your license be suspended, all that is out the window ... They will not pay anything, and not get car review , simply because your driving privilege has been suspended ... They also have to pay for the repairs of the other two cars as well, if not already fighting them too ... It is possible that you drop ... You would have been better information was stolen ... Sorry to say you're doing shit! T stream ... It is likely that simply do not have the balls to say ... And besides, you're with an insurance company BS anyway ... You are paying for coverage, mainly , not the service ... Progressive I gave an answer the same day, if not the week ...
#7DET Answered at 2012-01-05 20:12:29
There are more than sure they have everything covered when they deny your claim. I would bet that its policy of state checks are covered licensed drivers is not going to cover his friend Hector .

Will be out of his car and stuck with the damages plus bus stop .

If someone was injured wait to be sued.
#8CraigAnswered at 2013-02-19 17:59:56
Most insurance companies will not pay if the driver of the car was breaking the law , says his friend was doing . If you are not given permission to drive your car , do you report it stolen before the incident ? If you did not report the car missing, the ins . co . assume you gave permission and probably will not pay for the damages .
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My friend wrecked my car, will my insurance cover me? help!!!?

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