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How much will it cost to transfer registration on car in new york? related questions

  • 1How much will it cost to transfer registration on car in new york?

    The weight of the car was old 3335 is a new 2987 . The old car weighs 348 pounds more. The question is when I go to the transfer of registration will cost nothing and I just renewed for my age know that car.I extra charge if the car weights more, but what about less? I know there is a transfer rate of 10.00 and 50.00 per share and, of course , an 8% sales tax on car.

  • 2California to New York Vehicle Registration Transfer - Help!?

    I recently changed from active duty reserve and moved from California to New York. I bought a used car in California, and was registered there. I moved to New York and tried to change my registration and tags in the AC of New York, but the DMV told me I need to have proof of purchase to exchange registration . I've moved around so many times since, I have no idea where my proof of sale is , and the company used car I bought the vehicle has since gone bankrupt, so I can not get a copy of my proof of purchase. I have no idea how to get my vehicle registered in New York now. Anyone have any idea?

  • 3Trying to figure out how much it would cost to transfer my Michigan Title & Registration to Chicago - Thoughts?

    So I moved to Chicago from Michigan and I'm leasing a Chevrolet Cruz. I'm trying to calculate the amount of the transfer of title and registration will be, but I have no idea how. Any ideas ? There is no direct number to the secretary of state if that is your advice . thanks

  • 4If my car's registration has expired in Maryland, do I need to do a new registration in DC or a transfer?

    My car was registered in Maryland, but after I moved to Washington DC the listing has expired since . If I register my car in DC now I have to go through a new registration or transfer of registration process?

  • 5How do I transfer a vehicle from California to New York without a bill of sale?

    I bought a used car while parked in California by the military in June. The tags or registration expired in November. I moved to New York in October, and in disorder and confusion of the move , lost part of my vehicle documents , including the bill of sale. A trip to the DMV revealed that to get my truck registered and legal in New York , I had to ( a) a copy of the sales invoice , or ( b ) pay about 1300.00 out of pocket for NY sales tax . I tried to get to the used car dealership , but had gone down and were no longer in business. So I do not know if I have to bite the bullet and pay 1300.00 or if there are other options to get my bill counter for me. Any information would be appreciated.

  • 6Can a rhode island dealer transfer new york license plates?

    I'm going to Rhode Island to buy a car and I know if I would buy from a dealer in New York would not have a problem, but can you transfer my registration Rhode Island in New York or I have to take home and go to the DMV?

  • 7Do speeding ticket points transfer from New York state to Pennsylvania

  • 8How many points will transfer to your New Jersey insurance if you received a ticket in New York

    How many points will transfer to your New Jersey insurance if you received a ticket in New York

  • 9Can someone transfer their car registration to me?

    My friend has signed for the title to your car is giving me . We have completed the form DTF -802 with an affidavit. He signed the title, as I said, now he has to surrender their plates and stuff before I can register the car in my name? Or I can go to the DMV in the form DTF , the signed title , bill of sale , proof of insurance and registration and transfer to my name? I'd pay the fees and **** but I would do this without having to wait for him to get his plates in.

  • 10Transfer car registration?

    Here is my situation. I'm in the army and I have a truck registered in Florida, but car insurance is ridiculously expensive here . I want to get new insurance in PA, but I can not do that unless you transfer the registration of my vehicle to the Palestinian Authority as well. I was wondering if there is any way to make the transfer over the phone or online. I know I will need the title, proof of insurance and they need to explore the VIN of a licensed mechanic to make sure the truck. But if I have one of the mechanics at FL VIN scan and then send my documentation to the State of the Palestinian Authority, it should work fine ? Or do you really need the unit is in the PA at the time of the transfer of registration?

  • 11How do I transfer a NJ auto registration to my son?

    are partners signed the loan

  • 12Can I transfer car registration but not the title?

    I'm thinking of leaving my family to keep my car and drive while I am abroad for 3 years. How would that work if my name remains on the title and I'm not interested in selling to them ( just let you use it )? They should have insurance get it right? What about registration? To whom it must be in as I 'm not there to physically drive ( they are). Also could not renew the registration because I'm not there to sign . How does this work ? Also , I live in Washington and living in Illinois, which makes things more complicated. Any advice ?