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When two peoples names are on a car title, how does one take it off?? related questions

  • 1When two peoples names are on a car title, how does one take it off??

    My stepmother has her name in my title sisters and now she wants to get it off. Both of their names appear in the title. How does she get her name out?

  • 2Can a vehicle be seized if the title is in two peoples names?

    Can a vehicle be seized , if the title is in two people's names ?

  • 3Two peoples name on a title and the second person just died.?

    My name was on the top line of the mother 's name was on the farm title.My line.Her second will be bound in probate.Is this vehicle will be tied titlted also.The title is completely non-state RIGHTS SURVIVOR . Just my own name and under it .

  • 4I am trying to find out how Peoples Trust Home Owners Insurance has responded to peoples claims?

    I'm trying to figure out how people Home Owners Insurance Trust has responded to the demands of the people?

  • 5What to do with car title having two names?

    My boyfriend surprised me with a car . He put both our names on the title separated by "or " . Now has been engaging in destructive behaviors that are not good for our relationship.Either to tolerate these behaviors or is threatening to take the car . I have numerous texts that show that says the car is mine and a gift . However, it retained the title when registering the car for me . I have insurance and it has been in my residence . How I can get you to sign the title ? What I can do. Hes threatened to have it towed / repo - ed .

  • 62 names on car title/responsibility?

    I just found out that my mother has taken me 86 years in the title of your car for years without me knowing . It has become something that you can not drive more than good and I worry about an accident. With my name on the title as follows "or " instead of "and" with our names , and she would get into an accident , what is the liablility that can or will happen to me ? Thank you.

  • 7Who does the car belong to if there are, two names on the title?

    Last year my dad died and my mother some money safe , my mom bought me a new car. Everything is paid. Two weeks ago we got in a big fight and she said that is taking the car back . Well , are two names are in the title, so you can just take it back ? Or do you have to take me to court to get it. What would a judge? I live in Illinois.

  • 8Are the registration and title names on a car always the same person in NC?

    After having a fight with my family house and out , I received a tax bill from the vehicle of one of their cars . It was registered in my name before I go, a process known about but not actively involved in. As I recall , they did it for insurance reasons . If the vehicle is registered in my name, which also means you must own title ? My relationship with my parents is beyond repair, and could use a car . This raises some interesting possibilities

  • 9Who owns a vehicle when there are two names on the title?

    My fiance and I are in the middle of a separation, going to be permitted. We gave each other the end of August to save money, and then move out of the apartment. But he had other plans, and has decided to leave at the end of this month, and take our car to live in NC. He paid for the car. But both our names are on the title as "OR", and the insurance and Registration is under my name. I offered to pay him for the car, but he refuses to reason with me. Especially since he cannot drive legally in the US. [He would have a friend drive it for him] He's leaving me to fend for myself now, without time or money to buy a new car. There is no possible way I can get to and from work, or even find a apartment. Legally, if he tries to take the car away by force--is there a way I can stop him, or even remove his name off the title?

  • 10Can I report a car stolen if both our names are on the title?

    I have not seen the car in weeks or talked to another owner. It is extremely violent and do not want contact with him. Both the car itself , but it has been inspected and has no car insurance than you think . It basically diapeared with both own a car . What I can do?

  • 11Who gets car if both our names are on title/lease and other things?

    Need advice, cant afforda lawyer, will be going to a self help clinic for court info, bf and i broke up, he is continually harassing me by text, does not pay child support and says he wont n cant since he gets SSI and yet dont know what is diagnosis is, we have a car in both our names, i drive it, pay repairs, n pay insurance , he has no license no works, etc, his name is first on it so he assumes its his regardless, so what will happen, and also we have a computer we both paid for, his mother bought with her credit card in Feb 2008, been paid off and in my home since then, we live apart, who gets that, i dont know what to do, he thinks he will get everything yet he has no job, no license and does not provide for our 3 yr old daughter at all, n i want to go for full custody n supervised visitation n am hoping once i bring up his disability he will have to tell us what it is in order to see the baby. Any advice please!

  • 1216 Year Old Titling - Title In Two Names! ?

    I am from KY. I have 16 years , and I know I have to have someone who is 18 years to have his name in the title too. But my question is, can mine and my mothers name , she had insurance and a list of me as a driver. She wants to have the title in his name, have insurance and list me as a driver. I 'm paying through the car and I want the car in my name. But I want insurance on your behalf and has now appeared as a conductor. Is this acceptable ?