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My truck got hit by a drunk driver, i have no insurance can i sue? related questions

  • 1My brothers truck was hit by a drunk motorcycle driver and that driver was ticketed-My brother had an offer?

  • 2My truck got hit by a drunk driver, i have no insurance can i sue?

    My truck was hit by a drunk driver hit another car while driving through a residential neighborhood, then the car hit my friends car that was parked in front of me that hit my truck. I have no insurance. I'm completely out or I can sue the drunk driver responsible? Any advice would help :)

  • 3Drunk driver hit my truck?

    my truck was parked legally in front of my house , and was hit by a drunk driver in the back room of the driver's side and then pushed 20 feet into a tree , I plpd in my truck and I am sure that the other driver was I'm still waiting for the police report , he did go to jail for operating while intoxicated , I just want to know what legal justifications I have for this, do I can get estimates and sue for damages to their sequential or I have to make an insurance claim , I'm sure if I make a claim and that amount to my truck , and I can not afford to lose, because I have more than 12k wrapped up in the engine and transmission alone ( real racing car ) I do not want 12 billion or even just want either a new body to establish or fix under the current , this happened in Oakland County Michigan

  • 4Uninsured driver was drunk driving and crashed my parked truck?

    uninsured driver was drunk driving and crashed into my parked car , but my insurance cover my damages custom trucks, because only I have the responsibility and the drunk driver was under DUI and had no driver's license and insurance from GEICO was defeated and did not cover my truck. ............. Now what I can do ................. does this mean I lost my truck to lose, even if its not .... I have the guilt or What I can do

  • 5I was a self-employed truck driver and my truck was totaled in an accident, is the insurance money taxable?

    I was a truck driver for 3 years , owned my truck and had no other trucks or employees. I was not "guilty " of the accident because the climate was related to an accident before blocking the road. The insurance company consider my car a total loss and sent me a check for their current value less the deductible of $ 1000 for a total of $ 38,000. After the accident I decided to use the insurance money to take a few months off and decide if I want to return to truck driving or just get a normal job . I just want to know if this money is taxable as a gain , if I decided to leave the trucking business ? Thank you.

  • 6I Was Hit By A DRUNK Driver What Can I do? I dont think the driver had a license or insurance. I am only 18?

    Last night around I was stopped at a red light waiting to make a left turn when a drunk driver crashed into my rear truck , apparently going about 30-40 mph . There car was totaled and mine was still drievable . What happened when he was right after I hit the driver and three passengers left before I did and started running away trying to escape . I immediately got on the phone with 911 and told them what happened . Later the police arrived and caught the hit and run driver that identifies me , but could not identify passenegers as I did not see them . I have identified the driver as he left and came back and tried to start the car because he was trying to leave . He was stumbling everywhere because liqour . When they found him he was arrested and then escaped from the police . The police say they found a pole and broke his nose when he was caught . So the accused are drunk driving , hit and run ,

  • 7A drunk driver hit my parked car, totaling it. Can is sue the driver for anything other than damages?

    Car is a 2011 Camry and was a lease. Both drivers have liability and collision insurance. What is my best course of action?

  • 8A drunk driver just hit my house last friday. What should I do, call driver insurance or my home insurance?

    A drunk driver just hit my house last Friday. No one was hurt , but my sun room (patio ) is all corrupt. My famlity also afraid to stay in the room as the car hit some part of our bedroom as well. What should I do , call my driver's insurance or home insurance, or consult a lawyer?

  • 9Was hit by a drunk driver, he has no insurance, and i don't?

    My car was totaled and I owe $ 11,000 on it. The towing fee was $ 661 to remove. What I can do?

  • 10Hit by drunk driver with no insurance. What should i do?

    I was hit by a man driving under the influence. He has no insurance and he works at rite aid. My car is totaled. My insurance is yeas liability with a 1000 dollar deductable. My car is a 2000 mazda 626 so its not hardly worth anything. I was just wondering what is gonna happen or did I just get the short end of the stick. Cause that's how I feel. I fe

  • 11Hit by drunk driver-- insurance??

    Me and my family were affected by a drunk driver last night. Thank God no serious injuries , cuts and bruises now && pains everywhere. I had no insurance on the car , but I think the police said they had no insurance. I have to pay for the damage to my car insurance or your pick ? My car is in the tow lot , I go get my car and bring it to a body shop as soon as possible or wait ? All this is too new for me ...

  • 12I was hit by a drunk driver with no insurance, should i sue him? how do i go about suing him?

    Last summer , I was on my way home and a drunk driver hit me head in my car and totaled . although I did not suffer any physical damage , I'm still paranoid to lower two way road and the car totaled , was my favorite . I want to sue him, but he did not have insurance and I doubt even a job. What I can do?