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So I was watching television -n by TRU and saw an episdoe of agency , where he crashed the truck was completely temporary when the sum is taken clean took the truck with a crane and completely destroyed , starting the engine and all . What happened ? I love this program andi just wanted to knw if this was the end? Is there a new episode after that ? Is this the last episode or is it just old? All you really need to know ! ! Do you know that getting a truck? Is it completely kill the jerk who did ? Please help me ! Thank you soooo much !
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#1 → っ Curcuma Hikaru put it -Answered at 2012-03-13 17:44:09
Not sure. I think this was a new episode. I like the show, fake. And for all you who are calling people idiots and stupid ... You really must stop. There is nothing wrong with watching a show like this , false or not. The truth? If you can not answer the question of someone without insulting them , just keep your comments to yourself.
#2marmotAnswered at 2012-03-13 19:58:10
That was the last episode. And whether or not it was real or simulated , which was a recreation. And the donkeys really garbage truck Louis. Shane hit the nail on the head when he realized that starting the engine of the truck of Louis seemed " a bleeding heart ." Honestly, I was about to vomit , and a day later, I am still very upset about this. Sick, really. Disgusted , horrified and disgusted. Yes , these people should be arrested and imprisoned. But personally ? I'd rather have the team we Miho Operation Repo "Sin City " loose on them! That, I think , would make a lot of people - especially Luis - I feel much better!
#3 ┌ (Lei think ゝ -Answered at 2012-03-21 05:03:03
It says right at the beginning of the show : "reconstructions" . Same with all the garbage other "reality " programming on that channel. Tru- TV is good for one thing and "dumber the world" , that is. Everything else is "entertainment" disguised as some kind of reality show . You are an idiot if you think that these programs are not scripts.
#4_ Curcuma resistance near Answered at 2012-04-03 06:12:52
I'm going crazy crazy it would be a beating of them I'm sorry I wish I knew the answer! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
#5 집합 단수명사 Answered at 2012-04-05 18:33:23
Its definitely the last episode, they need to kill those guys and get a few trucks of brand new out of it , including feathers . I'm sure you have insurance because it was filmed and will be reimbursed but wow. And yes, it looks fake , that's because it is a reinactment of real events
#6OlaveAnswered at 2012-04-13 07:22:21
I just saw the show and the truck was crushed the old truck was painted gray to resemble the red . The gray van was a 2 wheel drive and had a tan interior . The red truck had a gray interior and was a 4 wheel drive. When picked up the truck you can see the front axle. Furthermore, when the film crew got into the back could see the hydraulic lines and a ball. They were not there in the truck that was crushed. I'd bet on the truck that was supposed to have been stolen was crushed . Look like you have gray paint in the red
#7ramin_1637 Answered at 2012-04-17 07:24:45
I can not believe this happened ! These asses cat laughed at his truck to break. There must realize this is not something they do their work for fun or trying to be cruel. I hope the whole company is sued and they are fired ... Everything is on camera anyway, so a lot of evidence.
#8AlbertaAnswered at 2012-04-22 14:14:57
You know for some time now I've always thought this show was real and .. a part of me still believes that until yesterday. The episode in which the truck has crushed and destroyed. When I saw that I said to myself that was not quite right. Who would do that for real? So this morning I started looking into it. The general consensus on the fact that this shows is the script. Well, it's starting to look that way I do not like that . As pointed out by someone here 4x4 decal missing. Especially during a first flat bed of the truck that was clearly no . And before the truck was stopped swear I saw the lights dimmed , the brown haze you know. Also for a split second the dye on the glass looks a little yellow ? Perhaps only his eyes. But clearly the 4x4 sticker was not there at all. I also stumbled across something on you tube that is either a little weird. Here is the link :

Just to let you know what this link is that it is a footage of the show Repo where trying to pick a car. Oddly enough , this is the place where they filmed the movie Jackass 3D new to owning the same type . Check it out .. So was this car, because the boys to be repo Jackass the movie does not get paid to shoot on your property? hmmmmm
#9Dark Cloud Answered at 2012-04-26 20:11:19
LOL , OMG entertainers is the script ! Is it really that hard to believe? If you like the show, and then continue watching ! I do not see anyone disrespect to the show. A simple search shows :

And :

#10adverbAnswered at 2012-04-28 12:40:26
I'm sure you have the money to his truck destroyed. As someone said before, they have insurance. Furthermore, tests have video . What bothers me though, is how stupid people are. Why the **** would you do that . Is not it obvious , if you do not pay for your car, you lose. Yes, I need my car to live. Yes , it might want to let it go, but as you can see , for the most part , the debtor finally hands over the keys, because they know why they are there . He is long overdue . All those faces the camera. It bothers me that his countrymen would. It's NOT , you are stealing .
Ridiculous !
For those below , how is the script? ? That truck looked pretty real to me. Perhaps you have never seen a big red truck before? This did not happen yesterday, probably occurred a few weeks ago . It is most likely solved.
#11kaisa roller Answered at 2012-04-29 14:56:35
Oh , hello , there was a reinactment , Can not you morons open your eyes and see what's real and what is not ? ! These clowns actually destroyed the truck and is a crime ! They will be arrested , tried and convicted of a Class A felony , no doubt ! I counted about 4 criminal acts in that episode ! Wait and see the end of this coming Wednesday , which is exactly why " let it happen ", so that would see criminals in the court to destroy us all arrested by Los Angeles police and arrested of course! As to the truck ? Well , obviously you will get a new one , now let's see what you get! Oh and by the way, I had a car repo'd before long and I have repo'd property that was owned by me. Only an unfortunate activity that occurs when you buy on speculation. Lesson ? Buy only when you have the money is yours !
#12EAnswered at 2012-05-02 09:04:37
I just saw that one too! I was sooo mad lol I felt bad for Luis. That sucks . I can not wait for the next episode of Wednesdayy .
#13Sweet1_2luv Answered at 2012-05-05 22:20:33
I felt bad for Lou. I thought I was having a heart attack. ( Matt shoulda beat the f *** outta these guys and should be arrested and forced to buy a new EGA recovery trucks for Cadillac Escalade RIP Lou, and burn in hell. , Idiots who destroyed it !
#14ClaireAnswered at 2012-05-10 21:56:21
Of course , this show is fake , it reminds me of what we did Southern fried chopped , and what a way to get rid of that big rig style with dinosaurs . the cube has a value of $ 10 000 .. much more fun to destroy the television -n what better way than I will say with the old and new .... I think it rips apart with robosaurs would have been better, but an excavator and crusher works for me , yes .... actually ripped apart a truck .... time to get a new truck .. things like 10 years old. see who is going to have a good grip truck bright feather in the next edition. , And as for fighting ..... remember everything you see on TV is always real (* sarcasm *) ...... more closely examining your car or even exist , only a look alike, it's all about ratings increase ..
#15LilithAnswered at 2012-05-21 23:54:20
God I hope so. This show has to go away .
#16KarenAnswered at 2012-05-30 05:18:18
The fact that in the beginning of the show that says recreation whole show is not. They have lots that may have to stage. Teams have cameras that record the facts and is actually them. They have to show he talks about his feelings about it and these are the recreations . It sucks what happened to his truck. I hope to show the result of next week . Each one of those guys should be arrested and the enclosed courtyard.
#17 집합 가산명사 Answered at 2012-06-13 20:02:31
Recreation is the script .
#18CarteAnswered at 2012-06-20 15:40:51
I just saw that too, but there's a new episode will air next Wednesday, June 29 to truTV at 9:00 pm EST. I love this show!
#19eeAnswered at 2012-09-20 02:04:06
I was surprised too, and for the man who said it was false, it is obvious that says at the beginning of each episode in which the episodes are representations of real events . This means it is a recreation of certain events , you really are not doing this in real time . Come on guys , they really destroyed a truck and if the truck was real , but it is clear they are paying very well for this show , can afford to destroy a truck . There is a recreation scripted what happened in the past , and now we're just showing everyone what happened . Also , if that really happened , one of the camera guys had taken her cell phone and called police . You believe it's real , see the first 5 seconds of the series and read , says : " The stories that are portrayed in this program are based on real events . Characters names were changed to protect their identity . , And honor .. some " . Now , unless you are illiterate or have a misunderstanding , that means that the situations that happen in this program are real situations that happened , but scripted and false at the camera .
#20DawnAnswered at 2012-10-25 18:28:56
Nobody realized that the truck that was crushed was not the same truck that usually use? I wonder if there are things that are actually scripts. I only realized because in the upcoming episodes , the truck had a different color interior and different wheels . Moreover , his usual 4X4 says on the near side to the back and when I saw him , there was 4X4 on the side. I love this show and I'm waiting to see what happens
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