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QCan you carry a pillion passenger on a 50cc with a cbt and a full driving licence?

Can you carry a passenger on a 50cc with a CBT and a driving license ?
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#1DreAnswered at 2012-04-27 02:10:39
Yes , as long as you have a double seat and passenger foot pegs , but think about it carefully. With a runner on his struggle to reach 31 mph that are confined to the same with a passenger on board who are so slow that almost go back. Not good for traffic today. Also small and very narrow. The tires and suspension is not really up to the job
As a cyclist with experience not consider taking a passenger on nothing less than a 400cc and 600cc more ideal would be best.

Ignore Andy - which is obviously not aware that anyone with a car license also has a full moped license included and once you take a CBT lasts forever for mopeds in that situation
#2AnonymousAnswered at 2012-06-01 10:01:21

If the driver has a full set of P ( moped ) license , then yes. While the scooter is designed to carry two passengers must wear an approved helmet . Sit facing forward, Occupy the seat and feet sit properly on the passenger footrests .
If you mean a P group CBT and a complete set of license B (car) , then no, since it is only a provisional moped for 2 years from the date you passed your CBT.
Also check with the insurance company if you have a full license group P not include a passenger in your policy.
As noted elsewhere that used to be able to carry a passenger on a provisional moped license if the passenger holds a full moped license , but was arrested when he presented the TCC and 125 cc limit for students.

Andy C
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Can you carry a pillion passenger on a 50cc with a cbt and a full driving licence?

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