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What can we expect for charges of two DUI with no insurance causing minor bodily injury related questions

  • 1What can we expect for charges of two DUI with no insurance causing minor bodily injury

    What can we expect from two DUI charges uninsured causing bodily injuries

  • 2How muh should i expect from my bodily injury settlement?

    In October my girlfriend while I was driving and she was a passenger hydroplanned against a wall of the bridge and came to my side and the airbag broke my wrist in half the participation of surgery I had to put a plate and drill a wire to hold bone fragments together , to meet the rest of my life . medical bills were about 28,000 how much should I be waiting , it was my car he was driving.

  • 3Whats the difference between Personal Injury Protection and Bodily injury on car insurance?

    What is the difference between protection against personal injury and bodily harm on car insurance ?

  • 4How do you get over causing a minor car accident?

    I was at fault in a minor accident this morning and I feel very bad. The lady was terribly rude to me and yelled (yes , I know I deserved it, but it was an accident . ) His driver's side mirror fell and there was some damage to the door because I support it. I've never caused an accident in my life and I can not help but feel horrible. I had very bad luck in my life , I am currently paying medical bills and I have increased my collision deductible of $ 1,000 to save money each month (and because I thought it was a good driver ). Do not know if I can put together 1000 for its damage. I still re -occurring thoughts about being sued for emotional damages or injury or something false . It's just my luck. I can not mourn , and I can not concentrate at work , what should I do?

  • 5Bodily Injury?

    I was involved in a car accident in 2005 was 12 weeks pregnant. The accident was not determined it was my fault at all. The woman stopped, USAA insurance pay for my vechile at $ 14,000. Who suffered a right knee injury that required two arthroscopic and major surgery (replacement of cartilage ) total medical expenses as $ 144,182.25 . My ortho says that there is nothing you can do . My fear is your liability insurance may not cover my medical expenses total , the adjuster told me I might have to put a complaint agaisnt their policy, but not further elaborate when asked what he meant. (Thought that's what I was doing) was 96 at the time of the accident, what if she dies then what should I do ?

  • 6How much do you usually get from bodily injury?

    How much is usually obtained from an injury ?

  • 7House Insurance for Bodily Injury?

    I filed a claim with my insurance company under my Insurance to defend a libel trial , the plaintiff claiming " emotional distress " . I was assigned a lawyer and have been defending my case ..... Now , a couple of months later, I received a summons "Complaint " from my insurance company stating that I am not covered as " emotional distress " is an exclusion . I'm confused . Is that now I have to hire a lawyer to answer the complaint or should I accept your decision and no response . If I do not respond to the "Action" , I automatically default . The recommendations for the money is a big problem for me ... as I have none . Thanks for any insight you may be able to provide.

  • 8Bodily Injury Question about Insurance!?

    If I have bodily injury coverage on my auto insurance, (100/ 300) and am involved in an accident that the two drivers (me and the other driver ) was found guilty or guilty. Does my insurance cover my medical expenses or not?

  • 9Bodily injury settlement too low?

    After a time he sent a letter of complaint to my insurance company for a claim for bodily injury uninsured motorist . I asked for pain and suffering , medical expenses , future medical expenses and reimbursement for child care , cleaning , mileage , etc. I sent copies of all my medical bills , receipts and a letter from my orthopedic surgeon documenting the permanence of my injury ( broken heel ) . I asked my 10K low coverage limit and got a call to pick up the check within two weeks . My question is this : In the letter he said : " OK .. attached payment request does not prevent the payment of additional damages in your policy If you feel that you are entitled to payment of additional damages , for Please contact me immediately, " Does this mean that my claim is worth more than you thought ? I was expecting to be low ball , so I did not follow my instincts to ask my coverage limits . Also , does this mean that he thought my solution was too low or is it normal practice if the coverage limits have not been met ? I'm just asking for fair compensation that I have still a long road to recovery ahead .

  • 10Bodily Injury Claim Need Help!!!!?

    I was in a car accident two years ago . I was 100 % at fault as I tried to make a left turn and my car crashed into another vehicle and rolled over twice. There were two people in the other car . Just after 3 days after the accident , we received a notice from his attorney in strong language that they would sue me and my insurance company . My insurance company settled the claim of the vehicle , but the personal injury lawsuit is still pending. They have demanded a sum of $ 1.28000 for they claim that due to the accident , who received permanent injuries that cause body trauma , suffering, pain , loss of earnings , impairment of earning capacity, etc. But when my contacts insurance company and asked medical bills , etc. , do not respond at all. Now they have filed suit against me in the court of common pleas and demanded a trial. I am very confused and feeling helpless . Can you give me some advice on what I should do ?

  • 11How much should i get for bodily injury in a car accident?

    A few days ago I was injured in a car accident. the other party was clearly in fault.i didn `t suffer neck or back injuries , but I suffered a stroke in the right temple and many other areas of my body. was massive swelling of my head and face of my hand and other parts of my body. Did I mention that I am 6 monthes pregant and my 22 month old son also was in the car and suffered abbraisons chin and chest. my vechile joined and now i ` m at risk of preterm birth labor.the another insurance company of the parties has given me a rental car , and although not yet responsilbilty except i ` m sure they will . i ` m not a greedy person , but I've been aware of this pain . my kids seem fine, but I'm not sure of the coming monthes . there are a lot of suffering to my son does not even look at me because my face is so badly messed up. I do not want to get a lawyer invovled but if I reach an agreement and then have my baby before or experience more problems I do not want to be out of luck that a lawyer should I do ? How much do you think the insurance company offer? the had to put a price on pain, but 3 lives could have been lost due to lack of care to others. not sure what to do?

  • 12Does my auto insurance cover bodily injury?

    I reside in San Antonio, TX and I just recently got involved in a car accident. Unfortunately it was my fault because the road was wet due to rain the other night. The property damage claim has already been resolved, but the bodily injury claim is still pending. Will my liability insurance cover that?