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Does the other insurance company have to pay for all medical bills if the accident was their client's fault related questions

  • 1Does the other insurance company have to pay for all medical bills if the accident was their client's fault

    Does the insurance company must pay for all medical bills if the accident was the fault of his client

  • 2Rear end accident not at fault party can the insurance company of the at fault party legally deny to pay any medical bills until claim is settled

    Accident on the back , not the party of failure can the insurance company 's legal ruling party refuse to pay medical expenses until the claims are


    My husband was in a car accident and left in front of an oncoming vehicle and was t -boned . He broke his neck . WE HAVE STACKS OF MEDICAL BILLS AND INSURANCE COMPANY SAYS THAT WE ARE FORCED TO PAY FOR IT was to blame . I received a moving violation SAFE ( TICKET ) .

  • 4If your in an accident & its your fault do you still get your PIP coverage to pay you medical bills?

    It was a very hot day this summer when I was cleaning my car. I had to do some errands, so I was driving down the street from my house and going to turn the corner at the intersection of the street to the alley. I wanted to throw some garbage in my car when I looked to see two stray dogs by the dumpster. As I was slowing to turn, the attempt of school in the front seat began to slip and fall on the floor of the car. At the same time, when I let the dogs do not go to the front trying to stop falling supplies also never saw the car parked and hit me. I ended up totaling my car, bruised and beaten very well. My son was fine, but we both went to the emergency room to get checked. I was not going at high speed just put your feet on the gas, as I have never seen the other parked car. I do not get a ticket or any violations I have been given by the official who came to the view. He said to look at everything, everything made sense and I returned the DL / Insurance to me in the emergency room. My son was OK after all, their X-rays. I was fine too, but bruised belts burn me in the chest and abdomen by tightening the formation of blood clots (hematomas). We continue with our doctors, as he said. * Since our bill ER X-ray was almost the same as my PIP coverage, how are the other bills (medical, ambulance, etc.) be paid? I was told not damaged due to negligence and can not satisfy. So while I have health problems to take medication for any of what was happening to cause the wreck. Some people have other problems and even driving while intoxicated, but said that his medical bills were paid. I still I have my coverage, but I wanted to know what to do or ask the adjuster claim to get this taken care of. thanks

  • 5If a child is at fault in an accident can they sue for medical bills?

    We were involved in an accident with a motorcycle that was being driven by a 11 year old girl . Police do cleanses us from all evil and said the girl was to blame . Now they have a lawyer and have contacted the insurance company seeking payment of medical bills ... How can we be responsible when she was at fault? Our insurance company said that since she is a minor she can not be held for their actions ... What about your parents ? What are our options ? I do not want my rates to go up because of someone else ... Any advice ?

  • 6Auto Accident, How do they pay my medical bills (other driver at fault)?

    I got into a bad accident on the interstate , totaled the car, etc, etc. I went to the hospital to get checked , X-ray , CT scan , IV drip, etc, etc $ 2,875.79 . When I call my insurance to pay medical bills , how do they pay? Do you pay medical expenses directly to the hospital? Or send a check for me to pay myself?

  • 7The car accident occurred in NJ which has the no-fault law. My car insurance paid part of my medical bills.?

    A very small amount from my health insurance too was paid. So at the end I have to pay approximately $500.00 as my out of pocket. Can I not let the at fault party pay this? Can they just go scott free? If the other party was not wreckless, I will not be undergoing physical therapy, miss my work, & spend $500.00.

  • 8Is the "at fault" driver's insurance company resposible for my medical bills?

    I'm from Tennessee. I was recently involved in an accident in the AP ( in my car that is registered in TN ). I rearended by not one but two cars registered in PA. It was obvious that the police officer on the scene that other drivers were at fault. It turns out that my insurance had expired at the time of the accident. They took me to the emergancy room after the accident and ended up with about 15,000 in medical bills. Now I have been informed by the insurance company at fault drivers who I am, apparently responsible for my own medical bills . I do not see how this can be true. If you do not hit me I would not have these bills in the first place. If you can help I'd appreciate it . thanks

  • 9If you were injured in an accident and have no insurance is the person at fault liable for the damages and medical bills

  • 10Who pays for medical bills/property damage when at-fault insurance company says driver was unlisted?

    I was beaten in the back at a stoplight, and pushes up on the back of another vehicle. Suffered personal injury and property damage . Police were called and ruled that the driver who hit me is that fault. The driver was an adult ( female 23 ) who drove the car from his mother. His mother arrived in another car and gave police the insurance papers , and left the scene (which shows that she was not surprised to see his daughter in his car ). Now months have passed and my insurance company says the insurance company was at fault states still under investigation because the driver was " Unlisted " . This accident occurred in the state of Georgia. My insurance company paid for my new car (2012) for repair, and I paid for my deductible . but I'm waiting or deduction that has become to me, and I'm afraid that once my lawyer called again he can say that the driver was at fault was " not listed" . How long should the insurance company was at fault will investigate?

  • 11I met car accident. My Medical bill $35000Insurance company gave check to me.Can i negotiate on medical bills?

    My insurance company gave verification of medical bills , pain and suffering and any other injury.Do I have to pay the total amount of hospital or what I can negotiate on that .. If the negotiations do legal?

  • 12How much over your medical bills cost will an insurance company pay you after a car accident?

    How much above its cost medical bills an insurance company to pay after a car accident ?