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Please help, what happens if you decide to resign from your job in Dubai within the probation period? related questions

  • 1Please help, what happens if you decide to resign from your job in Dubai within the probation period?

    Hello , I recently received a job offer in Dubai for a permanent contract . It will be an international transfer , and I'm working for this company in Turkey , which is a well known multinational operation in Knowledge Village in Dubai . I have about 4 years experience with a bachelor's degree , and is an official position of operations / logistics. The basic salary is 11500 AED bonus (depending on performance ) Accommodation Allocation : 5000 AED Transport allowance : 1000 AED Also includes medical and life insurance , the salary of a relocation payment month along with a ticket home per year , 22 days annual leave and I'm alone . Could you please kindly let me know your opinion on whether the change worth at least looking at the numbers ? Recently I started having doubts second to accept , and I'm really worried if I have to pay anything if I decide to leave the company within the first six months ( eg spending month , first of hotels , relocation payments , visa , etc. fees . ) there is no such thing written in the contract , by the way , there is only one mention of having to repay the advances paid to employees. Can you make me do that? I am thrilled with your help , and I'm very confused .

  • 2Holday pay on probation period?

    I am on probation for my first 3 months of my new job and i have already worked a holiday on 4th of July thinking i was going to get payed holiday. I understand vacation and other benefits are rewarded after probation but what are my legal right to holiday pay and is holiday pay time and a half are double time and a half. I was told on probation i am not allowed holiday pay and also i opted out for insurance because i have my own. They reward a fee of 38 every weeks check for haveing your own insurance but they told me i am not allowed that until probation period is over. Can they do that. Can i get reimbursed for what they havent givn me if i am entitled to it?

  • 3What is the probation period for new employee?

    What is the probationary period for new employees ?

  • 4I was let go by my employer before 90-day probation period is up. How to cope up from this?

    I was let go by my employer before 90-day probation period is up. How to cope up from this? After months and months of finding a full time permanent job after graduation and working from a temp job to another, I finally landed a FT nice pay job with great benefits. I accepted this job eventhough I did not really like it in the first place just because I was desperate to find a stable job. I know that I wasnt good at it but I told myself that I can try. I tried my best to do this job (medical transcription) but I'm just not getting it. I'm struggling and dreading. I wanted to quit a lot of times but I told myself to just hang in there and do the best that I can. Today, my manager talked to me (reviewed me) since the 90day introductory period is almost up. I told him everything that I feel about this job. And he told me that if im not happy with it im never going to get it. Which is true. They are going to let me go until they find a replacement. Im so depressed dont know what to do. I had a major breakdown in front of my parents today and its so embarassing. I never cry or do drama in front of them. My resume is a mess bec of short term employments... What do I say to the new employers.. Am I ever gonna get another job or this is the end of me? I am so scared of what's next. I'm scared that it might happen again. My parents are very nice and supports me but I'm so ashamed of myself already. 23 and doesn't have a job. I feel like I'm a failure.

  • 5After 2 years of passing you're test, have u passed probation period?

    Today has been 2 years since I passed my driving test, and I have a clean license . I just want to know if that means now , let's say get 6 points, not lose my license now , you can get to 12? Please let me know ASAP Thanks matt

  • 6Can my probation officer demand bank statements from my roommate who isn't on probation?

    My probation officer is demanding my roommate provide bank statements , car insurance documents and tax returns . He has never been on parole . You can do that legally?

  • 7When a General Contractors General Liability Insurance is up for renewal is there a grace period after the date of experation that the General Contractor is still covered under to decide to renew

    When a General Liability Insurance General Contractors is up for renewal there is a grace period after the date of experation that the General Contractor is still covered by the decision to renew

  • 8What is medical insurance in dubai?im a holder of visit visa-dubai,plan to work on a visit visa.?

    would possible for me to work?

  • 9Do I get COBRA if I resign?

    Do I have to enroll in COBRA if I resign from a job? It requires the employer to offer COBRA me if I resign myself? What if I get fired ?

  • 10If I resign from my job, can I still claim benefits?

    Currently working in a call center and am awaiting disciplinary action for poor timekeeping (which is classified as misconduct ) and now also pending an investigation into the use of mobile phone in the contact center (which is gross misconduct ) , which is almost certainly going to discipline too. I am guilty of both , I answered a call on my phone from my 10 minutes of lifting after my shift was over, but they have a strict policy of no phones because data protection . My chances are not really good, so I'm seriously thinking about quitting. I understand that in order to avoid continuous processes that would have to resign with immediate effect meaning you do not get paid again to this job , since they are not paid a month late . I am unhappy at work anyway, and have been constantly looking for another job (sending job applications

  • 11What is the best way to resign from my job if I have no intentions of going back?

    I have decided to not go back to work since I have had my son. Between the insurance and the child care, it would cost more to work than to stay home. Should I write a letter to my boss, tell him in person or a little bit of both?

  • 12Have To Resign Job And Lose Benefits?

    If you do not have disability insurance are forced to quit her job due to medical reasons and medical benefits will stop , what can a person do ? The Department of Labor says that you can only claim unemployment insurance while you are actively seeking work . Although food stamps and state medical plan are nice not pay the bills .