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Does Walmart pharmacy take tricare (military insurance) ? related questions

  • 1Does Walmart pharmacy take tricare (military insurance) ?

    Does Walmart pharmacy take TRICARE ( military insurance ) ?

  • 2Does Walmart pharmacy check if insurance is active every time a presciption is filled?

    Our doctor is temporarily canceled and I'm not sure if the documentation shall be by the time my husband has his own recipe . Not on the list of cheap drugs list and I think be@170.00 ~ ~ V uninsured. Think you know it's canceled for sure ?

  • 3Champus military health insurance or tricare military insurance question?

    my parents just got custody of my niece from my sister . She seems to have chronic bronchitis or asthma . While she was with my sister who was not allowed to be a doctor because his father is in the military and is supposed to have CHAMPUS or TRICARE or whatever the military uses these days . My parents are incurring the extra cost of adding them to your insurance. I said I was going to have insurance because they are registered as a military dependent of someone in the military , he pays child support and get the extra money for having a dependent. What do my parents have to do now to have custody of him got insurance. My sister says that the paperwork has not been completed , but I talked to other former military people who say all you need is your social security number and parents to go and fill the base of everything . What should you do?

  • 4Tricare military health insurance question?

    Im thinking of getting married and my husband is active duty , I am currently pregnant and wondered if they would be willing to pay a medical bill hospital recently ( I have no insurance at the moment) ? Does anyone with a military backround or knowledge know? Thank you.

  • 5What is the number for tricare military health insurance?

    I live in Detroit , MI. My husband lives in Twenty Nine Palms , ca . this is an emergency and I can not get in touch with my husband right now so please help.

  • 6I am having a huge issue with our Military insurance TRICARE Prime. I am getting nothing but the run around?

    in a claim for payment of emergency surgery "medically necessary" that was in April. My claim was mailed to TRICARE in July. I spoke with several representatives who tell me differently, "I do not find" or "I found everything -. But I need this" I faxed over and over again and had several representatives said they would call me today was to my local office, who could only make a call to Tricare to explain, and the representative spoke we could not find anything. So she faxed back. I called two hours after leaving the local office and asked for a supervisor, was my original claim that the other could not find, and the affirmation of re - local office fax sent in. Now, what do u think they said - " we can not enter your claim until you write a letter that 2 dr that performs surgery was associated "Not like I can not take note of the account. Then she said the golden words ", before sending it, we can enter your claim, and will send you a rejection letter" WONDERFUL - let me do all those extra things you can deny And the reason I want to deny it is because the dr has not had time to get prior authorization (emergency), that the min can take 72 hours to ask. . . but last year my regular dr tried to get a referral from TRICARE to have the surgery .. but denied the reference indicates that dental cover ... I tried to appeal several times, but got the same answer. but they tried .. and now it was life or death, I want to deny refunding my pocket costs $ 21,000 for not pre - authorization. As I said, I've heard several different reasons rep and request for more information ... I've had it with them. My question is ... What I can do? Does anyone know who might report it to the GOV, as I complain about with authority over the military side? After all, the GOV pay Tricare to provide health insurance to the military and benificaries. Any help and guidance would be helpful.

  • 7Military insurance(tricare) canceled without giving a notice?

    my husband was on active duty after booking we had spent TRICARE Reserve Select 07/04/2011 he was dating had lined hymn starting on 04/08/2011 04/04/2011 received a letter saying from 3/21/2011 was not sure, but still we had paid up etc 04/07/2011 never missed a payment more than 14 days we were without insurance my husband and I have medical problems that have PTSD from Afghanistan I have both lupus and seizures in drugs . My husband had gone to the doctor later when they are saying that eventually you will have to pay in full that we were getting our medications refilled before changing not plan on having to pay 100 for drugs of this month . The letter said it was because the staff change , but can not tell me why ? deer call me also say that I called 21/03/2011 see exactly when finished, why do not you tell me then? Is this legal at all

  • 8In the military, does Tricare cover incase of a car accident?

    If so , why should I be paying $ 100,000 each for my auto insurance if Tricare covers me ?

  • 9A military spouse who uses Tricare insurance is not covered in the event of abortion, why?

    So your husband can give his life to the service, but the long rule of insurance does not cover cleaning of $ 500.00? WTF ? Not the government understand that abortion services are only opposed to half of our nation? What about the atheist who does not want taxpayers to pay for military chaplains ? This is so bad.

  • 10Tricare Prime for single mother of military dependent?

    I posted this in the general Parenting and Pregnancy section but received only 1 answer. Y'all are much more diligent in answering questions in this section so I'm posting it here as well... I was wondering if anyone else is in my situation. I'm going to be a single mother. The father is in the Navy. We've never been married. I know the baby is covered by Tricare for 60 days to give us time to register him but does that apply to me? I want to make sure he's covered by insurance for his first checkup. I have my own insurance but he's not covered once I leave the hospital and if I put him on mine it doubles monthly. I'm going to call DEERS to check eligibility but wanted to get others experiences with this as well.

  • 11How come part timers have to wait 2 years at walmart before they get walmart's insurance plan?

    and how come walmart counsels people on how to get the state's insurance costing the tax payers 1billion dollars a year just for walmart employees who dont get walmart health insurance ----- did you wanna answer my question about universal health care and reference walmart?

  • 12Anyone out there with TRICARE Prime insurance (spouse) who has had TRICARE pay for oral surgery and or bridges

    if so, could you tell me what verbiage your dentist had to use in order for them to cover the cost? The handbook states medically necessary