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Someone hurt on my property? related questions

  • 1Anyone had experience getting a property insurance company to pay a medical bill when hurt on their property?

    My son's ankle was cut at the end of a counter supermkt box when tried to go around customers in a configuration screen of the store right next to the exit . Bill was $ 400, the insurance co says he was jumping to avoid are not responsible for anything . Studied law, do not worry too much about the lawyers .

  • 2Can someone sue if they get hurt on your property?

    I only ask because I heard someone say this and let me know if it's true . If someone is on the property of someone riding a bike or four-wheeler and get hurt . would that person who is injured may sue the person who owned it ? .......... even if no symptoms until transferring ? .... And if you have no insurance on the property that comes from there pocket? ..

  • 3Can someone sue if they get hurt on your property?

    I was just wondering because i heard someone said this and i want to know if it is true. If someone is on someone's property riding a dirt bike or four wheeler and gets hurt. would that person who got hurt be able to sue the person who property it is? And if they dont have any insurance on the property would it come out of there pocket?

  • 4Someone hurt on my property?

    I hired a contractor to cut a tree in my yard . He says he was injured when he cut a branch fell on him and broke his ribs . Now he refuses to finish the job and threatened to sue my homeowners insurance . Do you have a case ? By the way , it also damaged my fence and gate to cut the tree .

  • 5Help...Teenage son hurt on ATV on someone Else's property?

    Okay here goes....My teenage son was at his girlfriend's grandparents house with some of his and her friends as well as her mother. They were all swimming, playing ball and riding 4 wheelers. The driveway to this home is very long, paved and curvy and that's where everyone was riding. (downhill) They were going fairly fast from my understanding and lost control of the 4 wheeler and went off the side of the driveway down a pretty steep hill. The 4 wheeler got hung between 2 trees and my son's girlfriend hit the tree and thrown back approx. 10 feet. She was killed instantly and my son was thrown 40-45 feet down the hill and landed so hard it caused trauma to his brain. He was in a coma for 11 days and when he woke up he had no memory of what had happen and could not move the whole right side of his body. He couldn't even see out of his right eye. (brain damage was done to the left side). After he came out of the coma he was transferred to a rehabilitation center in Atlanta and stayed there for 3 1/2 weeks. He had to take medication to keep him calm but slowly got a little better. When he came home we had to take him to therapy everyday for 2 more months. He is about 80% better now but it has been 4 years and he has to see a psychiatrist and is on medication (anxiety medication) He is still very in-mature it's almost like he stopped maturing since he had his accident. I had insurance on him during this accident as well as my ex-husband. But all expenses have not been paid. I have used up all my savings (14,000.00) as well as charged up credit cards paying for copay's and for remainder balances. Somehow during the whole thing my son was placed on medicaid so that usually pays for his medications. Everyone keeps telling me to pursue the homeowners insurance company for the benefit of my son but I feel so bad giving them another obstacle seeing that they lost their granddaughter due to the accident. What should I do?? They haven't even tried to contact us or offer insurance as help....Help...Please!!

  • 6If some one got hurt on your property which is your residance

    Insurance question What if someone fell or was injured on your property , a person residance and If someone is injured on my property who is not resident us is the landlord responsible for damages. Someone suffered a back injury on my property and now is in need of care medicle is visiting the U.S. be my holiday home insurance owners pay their bills medicle he is in need of an MRI . Guys this is serious business and I want no funny response ...

  • 7When a contractor gets hurt on your property who is liable?

    Exterior painting project . Contractor fell off the ladder and has a broken leg . Are we as responsible owners . Or should I drop this on your insurance if any? The state is Texas . Thanks in advance .

  • 8If someone gets hurt on my property in NY, can they sue my homeowners insurance?

    Let's imagine it's a neighborhood kid and the injury is not my fault. Perhaps through a small corner of my property without permission , falls and hits his head on a rock . Now I know that your parents probably sue, but what does the law say ? Of course , this did not happen , I'm just curious . And it's a city lot .

  • 9Am I responsible for a person hurt on my property?

    I have a legal question. We had invited few families to our house. When some of us were all talking inside, a group of people went in the back yard to play. We heard some commotion and when we went outside to see one of my colleague's husband had fallen down and hurt his arm. We gave him ice pack and after a while they left. Next day he called saying that his doctor said that his arm is fractured and now he is saying that since he doesn't have proper health insurance, we are responsible since he got hurt on our property and so if we don't pay, he will sue us. First of all he is in his 30's (not a kid) and added to that we were not even there when he fell and got hurt. I want to know if we are legally responsible for this. Thanks Bill

  • 10If AI get hurt in my property , will my homewoners insurance pays ?

    hurt me , broke my right foot trying to help a neighbor who had his car set on fire . who can help pay hospital bills and surgery ?

  • 11Who is liable if a tenant's child gets hurt on my property?

  • 12If you are hurt on someones property, could you sue their home owner's insurance?

    I was at someone's house and made me bodily harm. Consequently I have a broken bone in his hand.