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Suggestions on Settlement on a MVA? related questions

  • 1Suggestions on Settlement on a MVA?

    I was beaten by 7 months behind . I hit my knee on the script and had a cap hit in the knee , femur and bruised my knee bent . I spent seven months in pain and in PT and ortho appointments . Unfortunately , this is not a very successful surgery to PT and strengthening are my best bets . The ortho said it will take about 1 + years for bruising to go away. He says it will not be able to Kneal on my knee for about two years without pain and have to do strengthening exercises for the rest of my life (I'm mid-40s ) to maintain lean my knee again. I'll be more likely to have to bow again as happened. It is starting to feel better , I've been out of heels for more than seven months . I know this sounds like a small thing , but I had to buy flats when I hurt my knee because I only had 3 + inch heels from HS . I was training to run 5K and other losses - no sled with my grandchildren this winter , ice skating = no sucked . Now that treatment is coming to an end and I have to learn from the therapist how do strengthening exercises at home and keep doing them 3 times a week for all the insurance company of the truck that hit me to solve. I have an idea a bit , but I would like some other opinions . Thanks -

  • 2What are some suggestions you can make regarding insurance settlement?

    My son bought a new car just 6 weeks, and a week ago , the car was badly damaged in an accident Hit & Run . We have the word of the co -insurance. the car is being considered a total loss. The amount the insurance company is offering is approximately $ 2,500 less than you bought the car ( purchase price plus tax, license and registration only , not including finance charges ). They claim that the car lost significant value when it was driven off the lot , but we can not buy a replacement with similar options to what they are offering. What is the best way to research and negotiate a reasonable time " comparable replacement vehicle " value ? We definitely want low -ball and I want to make sure they will settle for an adequate amount to allow us to easily replace the car as quickly as possible. If it makes a difference , I live in California and I'm dealing with auto insurance Unitrin Direct .

  • 3I received a settlement from an insurance company for a car accident. Must I claim the settlement on my taxes

    I received a settlement from an insurance company for a car accident . Should I claim my tax settlement

  • 4Can my lawyer hold my money in a settlement case once the settlement check has arrived?

    I know this question is a bit long, but for anyone who can help me in this situation will be greatly appreciated and hell if I can go get my money maybe I'll send whoever gives me the best answer to a few hundred $ $ $ to help me here. (For anyone who thinks I have an answer legitment good as how I can get my money leave your name and address, and if I get paid, will be attended by your help ... seriously that's how much this means to me). Also if you have any questions that may help their investigation in this whole ordeal i can be reached at Ok I have a question for all you lawyers and / or aspiring lawyers in law school ... I'll write this short letter I received in the mail yesterday, and I'm hoping someone here can help me with the question I have .. (Incidentally, this solution comes from a car accident in which he was not my fault .... A woman hit my head and shattered the femur and totaled my car) Oh yes, and by the way if it helps I live in Ohio, the accident occurred in Ohio, two people involved in the accident are from Ohio, and two insurance companies in this settlement are innvolved Ohio because I know the laws vary from state to state. I do not know if this information will help you guys on your answer, but I figured id know. This is the letter I received: Dear Paul: I tried to call home and cell phone with no luck. Please get me the information requested in the attached letter from Allstate. We have in our office a check for $ 37,500.00 and the need of the enclosed information before they receive the remaining $ 12,500.00 of Allstate. You have to go through the office and endorse the check so that we can place our trust account until the claim is resolved. Thanks in advance for your cooperation in this matter. Here's the deal ... I will go for my medical records to my lawyer called today (from the hospital and Medicaid). So what the letter is trying to say is that once you take this medical documentation to their office and endorse the check I will be able to get some of my $ 37,500.00 if not all of it. I was curious as to whether or not my lawyer could legally hold my $ 37,500.00 in his trust fund just so you can draw interest on it? I mean I know that the money is there and I know it's mine (all accept the surplus of $ 12,500.00 which will be held medical records / bills) so is actually allowed to keep the money that goes to the medical expenses of your trust fund just so you can attract the interest and the extra money because I know it is what will be done with it. I talked to a couple of people who just received settlement money and said their lawyers told them that the money was in his "trust fund", but I also said that when he told his lawyer to know that money is them and is their for them that his lawyers would give anything if not everything they want to catch up on bills or whatever happened while they were down due to accident. So please help me out here guys do not want to have to wait for my money any longer than absolutely necessary because from my car accident I have been unable to work and everything is going to hell .... I just need to know if my lawyer is trying to fuck me so you can attract the interest on the money or if I should be able to receive some, if not all of my check for $ 37,500.00 that is already on my desktop lawyers ... Please help me out here guys

  • 5If an insurance company refuse to pay settlement for years, does it mean settlement will high?

    If an insurance company refuse to pay liquidation of years, this means high clearance ?

  • 6Insurance offered settlement on our stolen car but its not enough and have not accepted the settlement.?

    Hello , My mother offered a settlement of the insurance company , but the figure was not agreed . The state insurance settlement letter that the check has been sent to the financial institution , which has a gap insurance gap insurance and said it does not accept the amount before checking with them . How does that work , because they have not accepted the amount of compensation , but the insurance company sent the check to the bank even though they have not accepted the amount of compensation ?

  • 7First RWD car suggestions?

    I have seventeen years at the time , and I have just a sample of RWD . To be honest , I'm kinda hooked on "pushing " feeling. The car will be mainly for street use , with a few autocross events throughout the year , so I really do not want / need anything too crazy like a Mustang GT or anything. I do not really have much money to spend , perhaps more than $ 3500. Now, I did take a community college class in the shop, so you can perform basic maintenance and repairs , so reliability is not the deciding factor. While 90% of the time it works , fine. The final consideration is the safe , I 'm ready for a slight increase , although . I would get a Miata, but really are not convertible mine, and the bride happens to hate . I also know that there is a RWD Corolla , but the wandering seems to be inflating tax price. Pay $ 4000 in a 30 years old, the corolla seems backwards .. So basically , I need a cheap easy to work , easily secured , either in gas, rear wheel drive car . Wow , I just described a Miata . haha.

  • 8Does anyone have any suggestions?

    on how I can get cheaper car insurance? I live in Detroit, Michigan and pay 185 bucks a month for car insurance! It's not even full coverage! Just No Fault!! I have a excellent drivng record. Are there any other cheaper insurance companies I can get a cheaper rate from?

  • 9Are there any suggestions?

    I'm going through a difficult financial situation at this point in my life. I've been with two companies, now that he has had major lay offs and I was beyond that . I'm working a job that pays enough for me to pay all my bills and I'm falling far behind . I have been difficulties in programs to help lower monthly payments , but has since been exhausted and the companies say they will not expand the program to me. My costs more than my income. My car payment , car insurance and rent takes up most of my money. The rest goes to credit and charge card companies and a personal loan company very high finance charges . I'm going crazy. What is a person to do? I've been sending resumes and job application every day, but still , nothing. Is there any financial assistance program who do not know ?

  • 10Does anyone have any suggestions?

    I have 18 years , and I do not drive. As embarrassing as it is, I have taken my temps test 3 times and I can not move . I know a lot of that has to do with having trouble understanding what the question is asking . My plan is to start college next fall, and I have to drive to get to college every day . What I'm wondering is , if anyone has good tips for studying and test-taking tips . In addition , sites that have practice tests for me to do. Please help . Driving is what will make my life going . I 'm depressed about it. If I drive , I have a way to go to develop a fix my weight problem , I have a path to college , and be able to get a job . Thanks in advance !

  • 11Ah! i need help or suggestions?

    Here is the story. I am chronically ill teenager with a muscular disease. Because of it, i get depressed. I've seen a many different therapist for this reason who were all quack jobs. They just didnt understand me. I almost gave up on the whole counseling thing until I found someone i really like but the problem is that they don't take my insurance. I have to pay $220 per hour out of pocket and I can only afford to see her twice a year. I really need to see her more often but i don't have a choice really. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions what to do??

  • 12Need some suggestions please?

    I crashed motorcycle mama girlfriend of my brother, from the . The damages are $ 3000, I have insurance , as the owner of the bike . Even though I have insurance , they will not cover it because my current car was not in a garage , which means the bike riding for pleasure rather than necessity . The owner of the bike does not want to claim it on your insurance because they do not want your monthly cost / premium not fire sky. Any idea ? No I have $ 3,000 to give your bike repair . Thank you.