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If I get married Will I lose my medicaid? related questions

  • 1If I get married Will I lose my medicaid?

    Well , I have 19 years old and have Medicaid . I'm out of my parents' income since I live with them at the moment and I qualified . My parents have their own medical coverage through my dads work , but I'm not in it . So why do I have Medicaid .. Oh , also I 'm a college student so I have it still . But I was wondering , I'm moving in a couple of weeks and getting married in September. going to take my medicaid and force me to be on my husbands insurance through work ? He works in the same place as my father , but he is doing less of it for now . Please help me ! I live in Michigan if that matters.

  • 2What can a severely diabetic do if she wants to get married but she will lose her medicaid and he has no ins?

    I am severely diabetic on an insulin pump, pregnant with twins and on Ohio Medicaid. We want to get married, but he does not have insurance through his employer. If I marry this man, the state will take away my medical because he makes too much money and due to the lack of Ohio diabetes insurance laws, Insurance companies can turn me down due to being "uninsurable". My insulin and pump supplies cost upwards of $600.00/mo. without insurance and that iis not even including doctor appointments. We want to get married so bad, but it seems that we are stuck between a rock and a hard spot. Are there any other diabetics out there that have conquered a problem such as this? I can't even hold a normal life due to being sick!!

  • 3If I get married & spouse cannot afford insurance will I lose my ssi medicaid?

    I live in Kentucky. I want to get married. However, my new spouse will be moving to KY from TX. When he gets here he will have to find a job that has insurance benefits for our family. The thing is that I cannot be without medical insurance due to the cost of my medications and ongoing possibility that I could end up hospitalized at any moment. OF COURSE, WE WANT TO FULLY SUPPORT OURSELVES being no burden to your government. However, realistically, it will take some time for him to get a job and once he does so a certain amount of time to qualify for employee family insurance coverage. I am not so concerned with the loss of the SSI payment. I am worried about losing the medical coverage and being able to buy my medication.

  • 4Ssdi,medicar,medicaid will my girlfriend lose her bennefits if we get married?

    I met my girlfriend Cathy in 2006 , we have been togother over a year and a half , she's 48 and I'm 37.She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1993 or so. We would like to know if I was going to lose their bennefits as meicare , medicade , SSDI , and so on , if we were married?

  • 5Would my fiance be able to get Medicaid when we get married? I have Medicaid for myself & (see details)?

    my daughter. When we marry, will he be able to do so ? I am a housewife and makes about $ 1,200 a month. Could she get food stamps too?

  • 6Im on ssi if i get married would i lose my ssi and medicade?

    Iam a bipolar and my medications are real expensive will i lose my ssi and medicade if i get married i can't afford my medications without help?

  • 7If I get married will I lose my health insurance?

    I am a 21 year old full time student , RadioShack and am employed by health insurance under my parents. I was wondering, if I get married , will I be dropped from health insurance from my parents? I kind of did not want to know who was getting married and I trust your health insurance to cover my check-ups and stuff. What is a good way to deal with this?

  • 8If i get married will i lose my medical benefits?

    I'm pregnant with my second child and I am able to get private health coverage pay for, so medical care by the state of california . want to get married before the new baby arrives , but I will not lose my benefits because then I will have no coverage of any kind! help!

  • 9If I get married, will I lose my healthy insurance?

    I have health insurance coverage from my mom. It's a very good insurance . However, I was thinking of marrying my boyfriend in August. Have a job that provides family health insurance , but not as good as health insurance and my mom's hospital quality is lower. This would not matter much if it was 4 months pregnant and already under the care of a physician that I like and do not want to go to another doctor ( my insurance would not cover boyfriends this doctor / hospital that I like). If I marry, I can stay in the safety of my mom, although my husband has insurance could enroll in ? Thank you, Oh, and I have 25 years of age.

  • 10If I get married will I lose my health insurance?

    I'm a full time student and am currently covered by my parents health insurance plan because of this. If I were to get married, would I lose that coverage?

  • 11When I get married to I lose my health insurance?

    Independent health or Medicaid

  • 12If i get married will i lose my medicad and foodstamps?

    If I 'm going to lose my Medicaid and foodstamps ?