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Is it hard to get home insurance with pending lawsuit? related questions

  • 1Is it hard to get home insurance with pending lawsuit?

    I am thinking of buying an apartment in San Francisco , CA. The one I 'm interested in purchasing is currently in the midst of a lawsuit. Specifically, the HOA is suing the builder for water leaks in some units. I care unit has no damage , however. I was recently told by a friend that if I were to buy the unit may not be able to find insurance coverage and insurance companies to stay away from home pending trial (though the HOA is the plaintiff and defendant in this case). Does anyone have any experience with this or know where I can find more information about it ? Thank you !

  • 2Pending Lawsuit and Pending Bankruptcy?

    A friend of mine made ​​a very stupid , stupid . He let his car insurance lapse . He got into a car accident that was his fault . The insurance company of the other driver is threatening a lawsuit for the cost of the accident . The total cost of damages and medical expenses car is over $ 15,000. The insurance company has not sued yet. But they go after him with phone calls and letters and ask you to pay . My friend is bankrupt and going into bankruptcy . If you file bankruptcy and this potential civil lawsuit hanging over him, then what happens to it after your bankruptcy is over ? If the insurer expects to go to trial after your bankruptcy case is over, then it is in the sleeve for the trial because he can not file bankruptcy for 7 years. Right?

  • 3Can I join the military if I have a pending lawsuit against myself?

    I was witness to a accident last year where the passenger died. Well now the driver says I bumped her car but I have two witnesses saying I was over a mile behind her when she wrecked. So now they have a lawsuit trying to get money from me and my insurance and Im supposed to be swearing in next week. Can I still swear and and join even with this lawsuit on going?

  • 4Question about what I should do - pending lawsuit in auto accident.?

    a co-worker who has a loser , not suspended license had just expired a minor fender bender in the lot at work with a woman . She is safe , as it does. She says he hurt his neck , and I think she 's lying , (about 10 mph) This happened on private property (so no cops ) , with only one witness , yo. I do not think that is at fault, to be honest , I think it was more the design of our luck at work, had to happen. What should I do , get a lawyer ? let the insurance companies handle it? Teh reason I ask is that I will ask the court that he and I do not want to get involved and I can not lie and say it was something that was not .

  • 5What if you have a lawsuit pending from a car accident and my lawyer never calls me with updates and the insurance company has not made an offer so what do I do

    What if you have a pending lawsuit by a car accident and my lawyer calls me with updates and the insurance company has not made ​​an offer for what I do

  • 6Does the title insurance cover a pending lawsuit on the sellers and the property that is not recorded lis pendis but is of public record in the circuit court

    Does title insurance cover a pending lawsuit from sellers and property lis PENDIS not recorded , but it is common knowledge in the Circuit Court

  • 7Home insurance civil lawsuit?

    I have 20 years old and facing a civil lawsuit in Canada for personal injury caused. At that time , I was underage . My parents had rented a house at the time and had a home insurance . I talked to a lawyer today and they said it might be a good idea to talk to the insurance company of my parents were at the time. He said it might help in my defense , but can not because my actions could be considered intentional tort ( it was the result of a fight ) . Is this true ? Is there any use in contact with your home insurance company ?

  • 8Home insurance in case of lawsuit?

    This happened in Canada . Now I have 22, but at age 15 , was in an altercation at a party in another house of the people . Now , I'm being sued by the other person in a personal injury lawsuit . 0 I have very few assets and savings (two hundred ) . If there is any difference , it was a two-sided argument , not only for me to fight . I was ultimately charged and convicted of minors . What are my options here? Bankruptcy ? I have read that my home insurance may cover some parents legal expenses , but I'm not completely sure. Advice please?

  • 9Do home insurance company drop you because of a lawsuit?

    Do not drop the insurance / cancel your policy if youhave a lawsuit ( premise liability ) or the letter of demand and you did not inform them? What are some reasons why insurance will you ? I'm talking about home insurance.

  • 10If you lose a lawsuit can they take your home and cars?

  • 11If the layer paid out of the lawsuit to workers compensation through my lawsuit do he have to show me an explanation

    If the layer of the demand for care workers' compensation through my case it has to display an explanation

  • 12Can personal liablity insurance on a home be used in a lawsuit if no inury occured?

    Civil case against an owner and want to use the home owner's policy to receive payment